Friday, April 01, 2011

April Fools and Ancestors

Several funny April Fool's Day jokes. One committed liberal announced on Facebook that she was becoming a conservative Republican, and my first thought, "Dear heaven, why?" It was April Fool's joke. But the best one came from the U.S.Army. Army officials announced a new look for the military--they were replacing all headgear (berets, etc.) with Stetsons, harking back to the glory days of the Old West. Now I admit the Stetson is a good looking hat and the one with crossed rifles that they showed was handsome. But of course I thought, "What? In this economy, they're wasting money on new hats for everybody." Then Brian Williams said NBC News found out they'd been had. The Army has a sense of humor.
I remember the days of greased door knobs and other tricks when my kids were teenagers. If you know my children,  you can guess which one was the primary culprit--he's still a trickster today. Sometimes I wish I was clever about thinking up things like that, but I'm not. I have had several emails today that clearly said, "This is not an April Fool's joke."
Spent some time with today. Jeannie came over, we had lunch on the porch (pimiento sandwiches with just a bit of cayenne--so good! and such a beautiful day! 89 this afternoon) and then played on the computer. She is much more patient than I am, but then she does needlepoint, something I would never have the patience for. I remember two people my dad talked about--Eric McBain, who I found today, was Dad's cousin. But I can't find Norma Hodgson. Until maybe last Christmas I heard from her every year--now I wish I knew the connection. I also want to find my great-aunt Carrie--I remember holding her hand and going to the five-and-dime where she always bought me a treat. I did send out some emails, hoping for leads on getting beyond William McBain who was born in Scotland and died in Canada. I think maybe I found his parents, but I can't be sure. There are more McBains in this country than I ever thought of. I told Jeannie I'd look the name up in the Inverness phone book, and she laughed and asked, "Do you know how many you'll find?" I guess she's right. Wish I'd come across someone who's already done this and would share the knowledge--Jeannie enjoys the process; I just want the answers.

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