Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter musings

It seems self-centered of just plain wrong to say that so much is going right in my world, when there is so much gone awry in the world at large, beginning with the people who lost homes in the Fort Davis and PK Complex fires. It will be years before life returns to normal for some, and small businesses will suffer from the absence of tourism. I pray for strength for all those affected. Someone once wrote that you should pray not for what distresses you but for what distresses God. That can set your mind to wandering the world, from Haiti to Iraq and Lebanon, with Libya and other places in between. Of course I sincerely believe that the Lord is distressed at what our state and national governments are doing--on Capitol Hill, a big issue these days is how green to go. No more paper cups. Crockery anyone, so you can get on with running the government?
But my world, as I said, is good. Wywy, my cat, is eating voraciously, peeing a lot (good sign for a cat with his kidney disease) and pooped today for the first time since he was at the vet (pardon if that's too much information, but I viewed it as a small triumph). He is enjoying life--sat in the middle of my class of women last night and "allowed" them to love on him, sleeps on my bed and, if I'm there too, curls up close to me. Sure, I'm realistic, but it's nice that he's still himself for a while.
Jacob is happily watching TV, having eaten a good dinner and three chocolate cookies. His request for another was denied on the grounds that I don't want him swinging from the ceiling at midnight.
On Easter, Jacob, his parents, and I will go to church, and then I'll cook a mid-day meal for them, Jacob's other grandparents, and my neighbors. We'll have an egg hunt but will miss the noise and fun of all the cousins--one little friend is coming to hunt eggs with Jacob.
I just made an ice cream pie, which Jacob thought looked wonderful. I froze it just a bit and then pressed cookie crumbs and sugared chopped nuts into the top. Proudly called Jacob to look at it, and he asked, "What happened to it?" Oh well, lose some!
I have edits to my mystery to work on, which is fun for me. So yes, it's a good world.
Whatever your faith, may you relish this springtime season of renewal.

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Bebe Bahnsen said...

So glad your cat is doing well!