Monday, June 08, 2009

My fragile day

I allowed myself to be fragile today, knowing I'll be back to normal tomorrow. Got up at six o'clock, which is at least a half an hour too early for me, in order to make a 7:30 dental appt. Was in the dentist's chair until ten, with lots of drilling. They tell me after you've been in the chair, tilted back, for so long, it's not unusual to take a bit to get your "land legs" back under you and I did. I also felt exhausted, though I really practiced yoga relaxation techniques in the chair. Still it stayed with me through an otherwise pleasant day.
Lunch with Jean, who leaves this week for an almost three-week trip to England, a nap, and then out to Arlington with Carol Roark for dinner at Kathie Lang's. Carol, who works in Dallas, took the train to FW and then came to get me, was also exhausted, having gotten home from New Mexico and eleven last night and gotten up at her usual five or five-thirty this morning. So we didn't stay long. But Kathie fixed, as usual, a wonderful summer meal--chicken salad, herbed tomatoes, and sauteed asparagus. I tried to ignore the blue cheese in the appetizer tray and eat only the raspberries and pear slices but had to have some of the blue cheese--the tray looked so pretty and was such a tasteful combination. I'm going to remember that one. We three old friends had a good visit that ranged over everything from anticipated babies to aging parents--neither one of which relates to me at the time.
Bummer news of the week: I gained three ounces last week, going the wrong way. I am definitely on a plateau! But I think that's not bad considering the extravagant cooking class dinner I had and last night's pasta supper, before which I nibbled too liberally on the manchego cheese. So I'm off to a better start this week, I hope.

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