Thursday, June 25, 2009

My busy social life

For about five minutes tonight I had the most hectic social life. Jordan called to ask if she could take me up on an invitation to dinner that she had earlier rejected--Christian had a meeting or social function tonight. I said sure, and it turned out she wanted to leave Jacob, go have a drink with a friend and come back for dinner--maybe bringing the friend. I said okay, but thought that would really deplete the chopped sirloin I had on hand for dinner tonight. Not two minutes after she hung up, my good friend Linda called and asked if I had dinner plans--she was one her way from Dallas to spend the night with her mom in Fort Worth. I told her Jacob would be here but she said she always enjoyed his company. Then Jordan called and cancelled, so Linda and I had choppd steak, spinach and snow peas--and a good visit.
My computer acting really weird and I give up. Goodnight.

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