Thursday, August 17, 2006

Nothing happened--or mabye it did

I had dinner with good friends tonight, and when I mentioned that I hadn't posted a blog in several days, Elizabeth said almost accusingly, "I know. I check it every day." (She's Beth to the whole world, but years ago she introduced herself to me, as a work-study student, as Elizabeth--and for me, that's her name ever since.) I said it was partly because nothing's happened, and Weldon said, "That's what you post. 'Nothing's happened.'"
But that's not really true. The heat has happened--105 today and something like 34 100+ days which puts this in the top ten of hottest summers. It does depress the spirit a bit. But in spite of heat, I've been having a good time, going to dinner with friends several nights. (I've about had my fill of Asian food for a while.)
Another reason I hadn't posted--my mystery had stalled. I had a strong first chapter, had rewritten it, fleshed it out, etc., and was generally pleased with it. But my start at a second chapter seemed boring--I knew what was going to happen but couldn't rush into it (my whole novel would be about 50 pages if I did that) and, oh classic avoidance, I started reading other people's mysteries instead of working on my own.
But tonight I was telling Weldon and Elizabeth the basic idea, and we got into a really spirited discussion of possibilities. Weldon particularly got interested in it and came up with several great ideas (I have to make notes as soon as I finish this.)
Funny how work can engage you and get you past the "nothing happened" feeling. A slight slow spell at work ended today when three or four things crashed on my desk, and now I've got lots to do on the mystery, plus a newspaper column to write that I've been stalling on. Yeah, something's happened--more than one something, and it's all good.
I read a post tonight by one of my favorite mystery writers about two older authors who opened the door for many women. Both took their own lives, and the writer, newly 60--a mere child!--wondered about the invisibility of older women. With all that's going on in my life, from grandbabies to writing projects, I surely don't feel invisible. And I'm grateful.

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