Saturday, August 26, 2006

Cooking, Grandmothering, and word about writing

Weekends are sometimes long for single women who live alone, at least they are for me, and I've heard others say that. So this weekend I decided I would cook single portions of a couple of recipes I found on the Bon Appetit website. Tonight I had sea scallops sauteed with green onions, cherry tomatoes, Italian parsley, and lemon (I added a little white wine so the lemon wouldn't evaporate before I got the tomatoes cooked--the tomatoes were large and from Mexico). In Fort Worth, we are blessed with H. E.B. Central Market, a wonderful store that has the freshest produce, meat, poultry (never been frozen) and fish (if it's been frozen, they tell you) and lots of other good things. It usually costs me $50 to walk in the door but today I avoided impulse shopping and walked out for $20. I got braseola for my dinner tomorrow night--I've just discovered this wonderful Italian cured beef, sort of the beef version of proscuitto. The recipe calls for a sauce with chopped hard-boiled egg, capers, grated Romano, and I forget what else. But three slices of braseola cost eighty cents--can't beat that. I've written a cookbook (whole 'nother story) and am waiting to hear if it will be published. It occurs to me I should save grocery slips, because if it is published pricey items like scallops and Mexican tomatoes would be deductible as research.
That good meal brightened my spirits considerably, so now I have to decide what to do the rest of the evening. I could knit and watch TV, because "Law and Order" is on--I'm knitting a baby blanket for the next expected grandchild, due in October, and it goes slowly because there's not much on TV I want to watch and I'm not good at JUST knitting. (I am an avid fan of the evening news and the Jim Lehrer Show and I knit while I watch those.) I could read more in the book of interviews with crime writers that I bought on for forty-four cents (and $5 postage)--one is with Robert Parker, whose Spenser books I like. He talked about three titles and why he did what he did in them. They were ones I hadn't read--The Judas Goat, A Savage Place, Early Autumn--so I went out and bought them. So now I could either read one of them or apply some of the notes I took from Parker to my own novel. What a nice dilemma.
Beside knitting, I did another bit of grandmothering last night--kept two-month-old Jacob by myself for the first time. He was fine for a while, then fussy--everything I tried worked for five minutes--rocking chair, vibrating baby chair, clean diaper, etc. He was screaming when his mother called and asked, "Are you all right?" "I am," I answered, "but he isn't." I fed him, even though he'd just eaten, and he went to sleep in my arms. When I went to put him in the bassinet he let me know that would not work, So when Jordan came for him she found us in my chair, Jacob asleep and me watching TV. A delicious experience--and now I'm ready to do it again, my uncertainty gone.
It occurs to me (and probably everyone else found this out long ago) that blogging is a delicious chance to ramble on about yourself! Of course writers are egotists!

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