Monday, August 21, 2006

Judy's Household Hint for the Day

I can't seem to eat a meal at home in the T-shirt and cotton pants I customarily wear around the house without getting food on my T-shirt. I use more Spray 'n Wash than anyone I know. But yesterday I dropped a raspberry on the front of a white shirt. You got it--a deep pink stain that Spray 'n Wash might well set permanently. I went for my mother's old advice. After changing shirts, I boiled water in the teakettle, draped the shirt over the sink with the offending spot prominent, and poured boiling water through it until the stain disappeared. Sounds like the worse thing you could ever do, doesn't it? But it works every time with fresh fruit stains. I sure wouldn't try it with anything else. But if you get strawberries on that good new pink shirt you just bought--as I once did--boiling water is the answer.

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