Saturday, October 06, 2018

Everybody’s Mom

Wonderful rehearsal dinner last night at Lonesome Dove. Jordan’s “brother from another mother,” David, marries Kelly tonight, and we are all singing and dancing for joy. David has been like family to us for—gulp! —thirty years, not that he doesn’t have a perfectly wonderful (and big) family of his own.

The wedding is in Dallas, and Jordan decided—and I agree—I shouldn’t try to go to Dallas. They left early this morning, so they could watch the Red River Shootout (Texas vs. OU)—an activity that doesn’t appeal to me at all. I have better things to do. Tonight, they will spend the night in Dallas, and Jordan wasn’t sure who she trusts to bring me home late at night. So, David’s parents kindly invited me to the rehearsal dinner. In his remarks, David’s father alluded to my having helped raise David.

Several of Jordan’s longtime (from high school) friends were there, all people dear to me. Jordan hung out a lot with David and Rob (who now works with my Jamie)—they called themselves the Three Musketeers. At one point last night, Rob’s wife adjusted the jacket I was wearing, and I said she was just like Jordan, always fixing me. Rob said something, and she replied, “She’s everybody’s mom.” And that’s how I felt at that gathering—like I was everybody’s mom and in the midst of family.

The sense of family was further enhanced when Jordan wanted to make a toast to the happy couple. David’s father introduced her as “my daughter.” She was cute and clever, telling David she thought she’d go to Jacob’s rehearsal dinner before his and asking if he remembered when—she let it hang there and then said, “Mom remembers.” Indeed, this mom remembers so many things from over the years.

We are delighted to welcome Kelly into our “branch” of the family. She is beautiful and bright, and as David told Jordan, she “gets” him. Turns out I have some connection to Kelly’s mom and grandmom. One of the fascinating things last night was to watch the blending of David’s friends and family with Kelly’s. It’s going to be a happy union.

Lonesome Dove was great. I haven’t been there in years and came away with a new appreciation. We dined in the wine cellar—easy access for me from the alley. A lovely sitting area planted with xeriscape greens and overlooking Marine Creek opens off the wine cellar. For dinner, we had a choice of tenderloin, redfish or quail. Most people got the beef, but I chose the quail and was so unsophisticated as to whisper to the girl next to me that I longed for some ranch dressing. She laughed and said she’d really like some ketchup for her steak. Only on Fort Worth’s North Side. Dessert was a sinfully rich ancho chile chocolate brownie topped with vanilla bean ice cream. All tastefully done with great service and plenty of wine flowing.

So tonight, I’ll go back to the North Side, with a friend, to eat chicken-fried steak at the Star Café. But a big part of my spirit will be in Dallas.

Here’s to David and Kelly and a wonderful future together.

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