Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Crab cakes, a bet, and a chameleon

October 2, 2018

Remember those crab cakes I whined about not getting at Central Market? Sue and Teddy brought me some, and I had one tonight, cooked another for lunch tomorrow. The smoked salmon definitely adds a different taste, but it was so good. Sue, my Canadian sort-of-daughter, came for happy hour tonight, and I insisted on paying her for the crab cakes, over her objection. So then we bet—I don’t think Kavanaugh will be confirmed; she thinks he will be. We bet the $16 I paid her for crab cakes—she said she’ll set it aside and hope she has to return it to me.

I no longer have an excuse, I don’t think, for not eating what I don’t want, going to bed early, etc. Saw a nephrologist (kidneys) today, and she thinks I’m on the mend, especially since I’m feeling so much better and eating more. She had no firm answers to why I felt so awful during the summer and worse in August, but she made some educated guesses, and they pretty much confirmed what I thought. I still think digoxin, the cardiac medication, was at the root of all my problems. More blood work on Thursday to confirm that I’m getting better.

Panic moment of the day: I somehow saved a short file over the long one I’d assembled on the Alamo book I’m working on. Instead of a file of almost 10,000 words I had a file of barely 2,000. Calmed myself and reconstructed the long file under a new name—thank goodness I’d kept individual chapters before combining them. I figure in total I lost about 500 words, and I can reconstruct them. I remember where they were going.

Calm moment of the day: watching a lovely, bright green chameleon (may have been a gecko but looked a little large for that) climb up and down on the flexible screen on my patio door. Sophie didn’t discover this one—they drive her nuts when she tries to chase them—so I sat and admired him for a while.

Trivia recipe of the day: Fellow enthusiast of all things Scottish Ellen Kurtzman put me on to a three-ingredient fruitcake recipe. It calls for dried fruit, chocolate milk, and flour. I am intrigued by the use of chocolate milk. You make it in an 8-inch pan and it serves 30? Come on—Ellen says it’s rich and the servings are small, but how small? It’s a moot question—everyone in my house hates the dried fruit.

And on that note, good night all.

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