Thursday, August 09, 2018

Disappointing rain

Thunder rumbled all around us this most of the late afternoon, and Sophie stuck right by my side, both things giving me hope that good storm was on the way. No such luck. I suspect it did rain everywhere but on us—it may even have rained next door. But our poor thirsty back yard remained bone dry.

Jordan, Christian, and Jacob have been gone all week, so it was nice to welcome them home today. Only four days, but of course I had a list of things to talk to them about. They took Jacob and a friend to Lost Pines, a resort near Bastrop or Smithville or somewhere in Central Texas. Said the boys had a blast. I gather the adults did too.

My big adventure of the day was driving to the doctor. Jordan insists I have someone come out to walk me in and, when I’m finished, walk me out. Last night, after a severe and very public episode of nausea I thought I couldn’t drive myself, but I did just fine. The doctor thinks my ongoing nausea is a medication problem, drew bloodwork, adjusted some meds, and said I should be better by Monday. There go my weekend plans for dinner with friends—I still can’t face the thought of much food, though I think I feel better tonight just knowing that help is on the way and that I'm not wasting away--I've gained four lbs. through determination to eat in spite of this. Had fruit and wine for dinner.

And just now I answered the phone to hear the familiar and dear voice of an old friend that I’ve been missing for several years. He and I both have hearing aids now, so we weren’t much good on cell phones, but I did bring him up to speed on my kids and their families. I’d been trying to contact him by email for some time but got this strange little “I can’t answer right now” and had about given up. So nice to catch up with him!

My spirits are up—maybe it’s feeling better, maybe it’s the friend, God willing maybe it’s the rain. But I feel quite optimistic tonight. Time to get seriously back to work. Why do I keep thinking this is Friday night?

Pray for rain, folks. And for peace.

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