Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Cookies, memories and an exciting look ahead

My Mothers Day flowers
courtesy the Frisco Alters

How did I miss it? Today was National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, and several places offered free cookies. I am truly distressed that it passed me by and I got no free cookies. If you keep up with “national days” your head will spin. Every day has three or four things assigned to it----but chocolate chip cookies are so special. I guess now I have to bake the last ones left in my freezer, a product of one of Jacob’s school campaigns.

Looking backward, today I reviewed my blogs from two years ago, with an eye to a possible new project. I was astounded to read my accounts of my broken ankle, the pain I was in, the depression I felt. It was eye-opening and made me so grateful for my recovery. And I hadn’t yet gotten to the really bad parts. Don’t know if and when I will. But it’s so instructive to look back at ourselves from a different emotional place.

There were some wonderful memories in those blogs too—the Mothers’ Day card Jacob gave his mom that said, “I love you the yellowest”; all the many things Jordan did for me—I hope her caretaking chores are less now; the week that Colin came and took Jacob and me to Tomball to give Jordan a break—we laughed, explored restaurants, sat by the lake and sipped wine at night, and generally had a wonderful time.

I tried to be upbeat in those days, but I was astounded at how many days I didn’t feel well, hurt too much to walk, really wasn’t keeping up with the house and daily chores. Jordan cooked most of my meals and finally moved in with me because she didn’t trust me alone at night. I don’t quite know how to sing her praises—all she gave up, the effort to run two homes at once.

Jacob was nine in those blog posts—an entirely different kid than the “grown-up” almost-twelve he is now. All the sweetness, none of the angst. There were nights when he and Sophie both slept in my bed with me. I think nostalgically I miss those nights; in practical reality, not so much.

I may not have gotten much actual work done this morning, but it sure was eye-opening and instructive, and made me grateful for the physical and mental health I enjoy today.

A funny bonus: recently I ran across a recipe I wanted to try for the family Reading the old blogs, I realized I had tried it two years ago and found it good but not quite what I expected. It was for a whole roast chicken—what I did two years ago was chicken thighs. Tonight, I defrosted a boneless thigh and did it for myself. Again, good but not great.

Looking ahead: Jordan, my personal travel counselor, came home with the brochure and itinerary for our Great Lakes Cruise in August. It looks wonderful, though I worry that I will be able to do the excursions or that my inability to walk will handicap Jordan in her enjoyment of those outings. But who wouldn’t want to go to Sault Ste. Marie, or Mackinac Island, or Muskegon/Holland where I have friends.

Jordan and I have already talked about packing and planning. She is so efficient about all that. It’s a relief to put myself in her hands. Last night we ordered the kind of visor hat she thinks I’ll need, the water bottle, and I can’t remember what else, but whoosh! I spent $100 at Amazon. Still I am so excited about this trip. Lovely to have something to look forward to so much.

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