Saturday, May 19, 2018

A heady twenty-four hours

Me and my car
though I'm kind of hard to see

Really, it wasn’t even twenty-four hours. The Tomball Alters—Colin, Lisa, Morgan, and Kegan—arrived just before ten last night and left at three-thirty this afternoon, but we packed a lot into that short visit.

Started with staying up way too late talking—evicted them from the cottage about eleven-thirty and finally crawled into bed at midnight. To Sophie’s delight and puzzlement, Colin and Morgan slept in the cottage. Soph jumped up on the bed with them, but then in the night she’d come to my bedside with a puzzled look. I think she wanted to say, “Mom, there’s someone sleeping where I usually sleep.”

I woke them, gently, at six by turning on the TV. Missed the processional of the royal wedding but tuned in just in time to see Meghan and Harry take their vows and remained glued to the TV through the ceremony and that long carriage ride to the Royal Mile and Windsor Castle. I loved the wedding, the ritual, the pomp and circumstance, the ladies’ hats. The Most Reverend Michael Curry gave an engaging sermon with a message that’s spot-on for today, though you could see some Brits looking a bit puzzled—was it his enthusiasm or the length at which he spoke? The Kingston Choir performance of “Stand by Me” was stirring and, I thought, an innovative addition to the service.

I’ve heard comments about how sad it was that Doria Ragland, Meghan’s mom, had to sit alone, but I thought she was the picture of grace and elegance in her bespoke (just learned that word again) pale green outfit. She looked happy, pensive, a bit sad, but always in control of herself. Watching the royals is endlessly fascinating, and I loved the camera pans throughout the invited guests.

Queen Elizabeth was striking in her bright lime green outfit. She wears bright colors beautifully at her age and carries the look off with panache. I admit I’m a fan of all about the monarchy. Worried about Prince Phillip—he looked ill, though he seemed chipper enough. The elegance of the monarchy is something surely missing in our country today, and I think not having that model lessens us all some.

When we turned it off, we got down to the business of the day. Colin had driven my car up from Tomball, but the convertible top was stuck down. Since I haven’t driven in two years, the first thing was to let me drive around one of the empty TCU parking lots. I did okay, because after five minutes or so, Colin directed me onto the streets around the TCU campus. Again, I did okay, and then I drove us to the VW dealership to get the top fixed.

I loved driving my old (2004) VW convertible bug, felt right at home. But as I guess mothers and sons will, we quarreled. He wanted me to drive like an eighty-year-old woman with an abundance of caution. I suggested that there are few things other drivers hate more than a cautious old lady. I thought there was something to be said for self-confidence. Impasse. The kids still want me to go to the Baylor rehabilitative driving program, but it is in Dallas and a pain to get to. We’ll see what happens.

Lovely lunch with the Burtons at Chadra followed by everyone going separate ways for errands—Colin and I went to Central Market to pick up seafood I’d ordered—I do love curbside pick-up. Then nothing would do but we drive by the house we brought him home to as an infant—I can’t believe he never saw it. And then his memory brought up Harper’s Blue Bonnet Bakery, and we had to go get cookies. Mostly it was fun, though every once in a while, our disagreements surfaced—he doesn’t think I realize the responsibility of driving; except for the last two years, I’ve driven for sixty-four years. He’s afraid his siblings will blame him if he okays driving and then I have an accident. I guess it will all work out, but meantime my car sits at Autobahn waiting to have the top repaired.

And what I learned today: my driving skills may be okay (even earned compliments from my son), but I am not as young as I was and I don’t multi-task well. By the time they left for Tomball, I was exhausted. I had invited friends for happy hour and intended to fix something very British to celebrate the wedding, but a few days ago I had the foresight to reschedule that. A late nap, followed by a nice supper. Jordan had dinner guests, and some of the girls came out to say hello. A comfortable evening.
My supper: salad Provencal 
and a salad from my garden
Nice,light and delicious

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