Thursday, February 09, 2017

Ramblings about dogs, weather, onomatopoeia

Cuteness in my kitchen

My sleeping companion
Cuddled as close to my bad leg as she can get
Lazy day—up at six but fiddled around, especially on Facebook. Now it’s nine in the morning and I still haven’t written my morning blog. I’m still liking this new schedule of rising earlier and getting the blog out early in the day.

Cool this morning in North Texas (53 according to my indoor/outdoor thermometer and only 64 inside—surely that’s wrong) but as I watch the ferocious blizzard in the New York area on TV I’m grateful for our clear skies and bright sunshine. But it won’t be warming up like it did the past few days. Pet peeve: Facebook friends, mostly writing acquaintances, who post dire messages about their weather but never tell us where they are. I want geographical locations, please.

Jacob is studying such things as onomatopoeia and alliteration. I found out last night I was way off the track in spelling onomatopoeia—so much for a graduate degree in English. Jordan and Jacob laughed and laughed at me. Still, I think it’s fairly advanced that he’s learning that in fifth grade. Will he still remember it in sixth? I just queried Jamie and he remembers the meaning but not the spelling.

I spent too much time yesterday on Facebook but there were so many comments about Betsy DeVos and Jeff Sessions that I couldn’t tear myself away. Elizabeth Warren’s attempt to read a letter from the late Coretta Scott King to the Senate and her slap-down by Mitch McConnell are big news—and like some other recent events they’ve galvanized opposition to our so-called president and his appointments. “And, she persisted” is going down in the history book of memes and the onerous (oh oh, Rule #19—don’t impugn a member of the Senate) Mitch McConnell has also written himself into history books but for all the wrong reasons. The so-called president seems to be appointing cabinet people who will dismantle programs. Perhaps his goal is to completely restructure the government--or destroy it.

Finally got a book (No Neighborhood for Old Women) posted to several digital venues last night. Today’s goal: post Desperate for Death, sixth in the Kelly O’Connell series.

 Got so sleepy about 9:30 a.m. I was nodding off into the keyboard, so I went back to bed. A couple of phone calls woke me but I did doze because I remember one dream fragment. Got up with the arrival of son Jamie. Now he is working at the coffee table from his laptop while a pot of beans simmers on the stove. Late but delicious lunch coming up.

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Anonymous said...

"so called president" Thank you, at least you are bringing some civility to this contumelious times....