Saturday, February 04, 2017

Home Again, Home Again, Thank God I'm Home Again

(With apologies to Martin Luther King, Jr.)

Got home about noon today, thanks to dedicated efforts of Colin, Jordan and Kegan (a nurse asked if my boy-boy grandson with long hair was my granddaughter). In a way, it seems like I’ve never been away, but in most ways I feel that I’ve been on a long journey. It will take me a while to process the emotional and spiritual effects of that journey. The physical effects I know—lots of limitations. And I have a lot of therapy to do to regain strength. Would rather not regain the 20 lbs. I lost on this journey.

Meantime, not much has changed. I spent the afternoon at my desk, sorting accumulated mail, etc., and had a long nap. Grateful for my sleep numbers bed that raises and lowers head and feet, just like a hospital bed. We’ve had had my favorite foods—lox and cream cheese for lunch, Railhead BBQ for supper. Jordan did a grocery run for me, and I’m looking forward to yogurt, LeCroix, all kinds of things I haven’t had in a while.

Sophie seems glad to have me home and pays more attention to me than she did at Garden Terrace. She likes having all the people in the cottage.

Yesterday Brandon took three young boys to the stock show and, feeding them, spent $100 in less than two hours. Today was Christian’s turn for boy excursions—he took Kegan and Jacob to Flight Deck. Not quite as expensive but not cheap either.

A study in contrasts, not just blonde and dark, but these cousins are so different in style--the long-haired soccer kid, and the all-around preppy boy. Yet they love each other. Pictures tell all.
No wise comments from this corner on the political situation or anything else. I’m sleepy and ready for bed and a book at eight o’clock. Can’t get past the feeling that today is Sunday. We all feel that way, and the kids will be lucky if we don’t send them to school tomorrow.

I plan to rejoin the world tomorrow-no more spending the day in my pjs with dirty hair.


Anonymous said...

Your happiness, brings me happiness (and a smile to my face)....suck it up buttercup!!!

Randy Eickhoff said...

I'm so very much happy to hear this, Judy! I hope you continue to improve. Like I mentioned in an early note to you, I supposedly start physical therapy this week. The doctors say I'll never get back to 100% but I could come close. It sure would be nice not to have to make a constant effort to remind myself about picking up things with my left hand! I've dropped more than one plate! But, my doctor said after my checkup Friday that he was amazed at the progress I have already made. So, I have my hopes. And, I sure am with you about getting home from the hospital. I had some very nasty nurses.

Randy Eickhoff said...

By the way, Judy, what is Railhead barbecue? I am VERY limited anymore as to what I can and can't eat.

Judy Alter said...

Unless you wawnt to go to Aledo, as Colin did, there's one on Vickery and Montgomery, with a drive-through. Sorry to hear about diet restrations. Can you really eat BBQ? I have no diet restrictions beside what I choose for myself, and after that rehab center (which was great except for the food) I am going to be self-indulgent for a while. Chocolate cake and raspberries for breakfast today.

Judy Alter said...

Read your posts out of order but I'm so sorry about the nurses. You're supposed to have beautiful young things falling all over each other to take care of you. I had mostly nice CNAs and LVNs but still there's no place like home. I do hope you show that doctor he's wrong, but as with me it will take hard work. My daughter won't let me be alone for longer than five minutes for fear I fall, so here we ago with home health care again. I will be glad to finally have my cottage to myself in a couple weeks. Meantime I'll do my exercises, be good, and work hard. I realize I may never walk properly without a cane or walker--c'est la vie.