Saturday, September 03, 2016

Another day at the cottage

A quiet day in the cottage. Jacob came out to walk Sophie—we can’t let her out in the backyard because it’s so muddy and the gate is not secure. After that, Jacob and his dad were both in and out. His other grandmother came to take him to the zoo for the afternoon, and then he and his dad went to the TCU football game tonight.
But I had visitors. Subie and Phil brought lunch and we had a good visit—they are just back from a month in New Mexico. We talked and laughed and had a good time. They had barely left when my brother and sister-in-law arrived—he has taken our mother’s antique clock from the mantel and needed the instructions for maintaining it.
I piddled away the day—emails, Facebook, cleaning my desk, dealing with those visitors who popped in and out. I had one box to unpack, but I procrastinated and finally finished the mystery I was reading. Then I looked in the box—and it’s all stuff that can go in the shelves behind the couch—my hidden storage space. But I need someone to put it there for me.
I have been walking at least 50% of the time just around the cottage-it’s much easier to walk holding on to the walker on the carpet than to try to roll around seated on the walker. I have a dilemma—can’t find any of my shorts that I’ve been living in. This morning when Jacob came to walk Sophie, I was in a T-shirt and underpants and told him I needed him to get me some pants. He promised he would as soon as he got back from the walk. I had to point out the cargo pants I wanted. Of course Jacob found the whole thing giggle-worthy.
Turns out my pants are still on top of the washing machine in the house and not clean—easy for Jordan to dismiss as she visits local bars in Key Largo and parties with her friends.
I am seriously considering a new name for my blog: Tales from the Cottage. It signifies a whole new start in my life, one that I hope will bring me renewed creative energy. Let me know what you think about the new name. Would I lose followers? Even if I made a big fuss about changing the name?
My friend Subie doesn’t like the word “Tales,” and her husband was full of suggestions with the word “Driveway”—at the end of the Driveway and worse. I told Subie to take him home.

Tales from the cottage-what do you think?


Randy Eickhoff said...

Yeah, I like the possibility of name change. It DOES show a whole new life that you are stepping into. Besides, I can steal "Stew" and use it on my own blog---if I ever get around to establishing one!

Judy Alter said...

I'm mulling over the name change and the change in my life this morning. Beginning to feel a glimmer of an idea--first time in months. You would be welcome to Stew but be aware grandmothering was one of the components.

Jaimie said...

I would leave follow you blog no matter the name!