Friday, February 19, 2016

Taking a day off from the world

I suppose it does everyone good to take a day off from the world, but today was pretty miserable. I woke at five this morning with the clear thought, “I don’t feel well.” Stomach issues (any further information would be TMI). Finally, at seven I knew I had to cancel the day—which meant my cleaning lady (I wanted to sleep in peace and quiet), a long overdue haircut, a trip to the grocery (Amy, my miraculous “travel assistant”) went for me, and lunch with a friend.

I spent the morning getting up and down from bed—I’d do a little work and go back to bed for an hour or so. About 11:30 I had a cup of tea, and at one—a banana and a glass of water. Sophie lay at the foot of my bed, and when I heard a stomach growl, I couldn’t tell if it was hers or mine.

Jacob came in about three and asked, “Are you really throwing up? I never saw an old person throw up.” Such a helpful kid.

Now I’ve been up a hour and a half and it’s time to go back to bed. Jacob has gone to play with a friend, and Jordan has sanitized the house, made me huge glasses of water, and gone to set up for a party they’re co-hosting tomorrow night. My bed is beckoning.

I expect to be a new person by tomorrow morning. Not sure about doing crockpot barbecue for eight Sunday.

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