Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Big day for the Burton/Alter household

Christian, holding his award,
and a very proud Jacob
It’s been a secret for three weeks—especially from Christian—but today the Fort Worth Board of Realtors named him Affiliate of the Year at their annual awards luncheon. It essentially means that he has gone above and beyond to aid realtors, bring in speakers, offer events, and assist them in any way he could.

Christian had no idea the award was coming, let alone that his family would appear. But when the award was announced, Jordan, Jacob and Christian’s parents were ushered in. Jacob had on his brand new first blazer and was so proud. Christian said something about, “And there’s my family….and my son. What are you doing out of school?”

We had a celebration happy hour tonight—about 20 people. Jordan worked herself half to death but there were flowers and candles throughout the house and wonderful food—sandwich tray, tortilla roll-ups, cheese, veggies and hummus, and a gorgeous chocolate cake. We had toasts and cheers and pictures.

It was one of those days you get all geared up for and suddenly it’s over. As I write one couple and their daughter linger in the kitchen, but Jordan has it almost all cleaned up. As people left, they thanked me for hosting and I replied that it was all Jordan.

I do feel already like we live in a shared household—we are making the mental and emotional change gradually. People ask me if I’ve moved out back yet, and I’m astounded. The Bundocks are going to make their first sally to the city for a permit this week, the roofs aren’t repaired yet, and no construction has begun. Plus we have tons of sorting to do in the main house. Nope, folks, it will be a while. But I can feel things slowly working their way out, and I’m glad we can do this gradually.

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