Saturday, February 20, 2016

Barbecue, silly accidents, and a new day

Taking a break while making crockpot barbecue that I’ll let simmer all night and maybe all day tomorrow. (Blessing my onion goggles—thank you, Megan.) I am a new person today and do not wish to repeat yesterday. Slept 11-1/2 hours last night, although not without interruptions—once when Sophie needed to go out (she’s not used to me going to be at 8:30) and once when she decided we were under attack from a squirrel or rat (imaginary, I hope) in the attic. By then it was about three in the morning, and I thought, “I’m better! I feel good.” Such a relief.

I worked at my desk all morning getting the neighborhood newsletter in shape and did three loads of laundry—the family room looks like laundry central with all the unfolded things. I washed my bed clothes, as I figure a just-over-a-virus person should do. The quilt, however, was too bulky for me to handle in one hand with the cane in the other. I decided dragging it would be the answer, but sometimes it hung up. I finally looked behind me and realized Sophie was walking on it, following me (talk about a Velcro dog). After that I didn’t look in my wake and was astonished when I picked up the comforter and several items from my purse fell out. I had knocked the purse off its chair and left a trail of objects behind me, in addition to rolling up the kitchen rug (convenient for tripping). When Jordan came I told her that story, and she laughed aloud.

So I told her that yesterday I drank a little wine trying to quiet my increased tremor. “It didn’t work, and I spilled wine in your shoes.” She had left a pair of shoes by the living room buffet. She laughed again. One of the things I love about her is that she sees the humor in these things.

Jordan has been setting up for a party for 80 she’s co-hosting tonight, but she made time to help me. We put the clean linen back on the bed—I cannot lift that heavy mattress to get the bottom sheet fitted. That was all the help I really needed, but bless her, she finished the bed, set the table for eight, and did other stuff until she said, “There. Your house is ready for a party tomorrow night.” That girl takes such good care of me.

So does Sophie. When I napped this afternoon, she slept at the foot of the bed. Once, when I lay very still, she reached over a paw and moved my leg. I raised my head and asked, “Yes?” Reassured that I was okay, she went back to sleep.

Tonight Jacob and I had bacon and scrambled eggs for supper. By eight, he was hungry, so had a bowl of cereal. I’m slowly coaching him to fix such things for himself, but the first time he did he used almost all of a small bottle of milk. Tonight I told him, “You’re not floating a battleship here. You’re just getting a little milk on the cereal.” He found a baseball card he had to have on ebay for $18.75. Told him I don’t do ebay, so he found it on Amazon—for $85.00. I should have quit while I was ahead. I told him I’d consider it by his June birthday—counting on him finding a dozen other things by then.

Back to my barbecue.

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