Sunday, January 03, 2016

The Creeping Disease of Inertia

Inertia crept up on me this weekend. After a week that seemed busy and crowded with people, I so looked forward to two days at home alone, getting work done. Saturday I finished reading emails and Facebook, read the newspaper such as it is, and then wondered what to do—all my work projects seemed on hold depending on someone else’s time schedule. So I read a mystery most of the day, napped, and made myself from-scratch noodles (not mac) and cheese—really good if I do say so. But by Saturday night, I felt inertia had crept up and taken charge, and I planned to stay home Sunday too.

The old me would have gone to church this morning and with my kids to the Boar’s Head Festival at our church tonight. The new me didn’t have the spunk to do either. Once again, I read emails, Facebook, and the newspaper—which is a little meatier on Sundays. And then there I was. What would I do? I pulled myself out of my funk and began to proof one of my older mysteries that my former publisher had taken down. By two o’clock, I had finished Murder at the Tremont House and will post it next week.

Then the files for the print copy of Desperate for Death came by email from the formatter, and I—finally!—got it submitted and am now trying to submit files to Kindle. It keeps telling me important information is missing and please check the items marked in red. Only I can’t find them. I think it may be pricing information but so far I see no place to include that. I’ll keep trying like an obsessed woman. But every time I start over again, I have to re-key all the book information—very frustrating.

Having literally wasted 2015 moaning about my hip and leg pain, 2016 is the year I’m going to get serious again about my writing, so today was a good start. But just a start. I still have six mysteries to go, if I can find my way through the Kindle system. Still, it cheered me greatly to have done what I did today. I vanquished inertia, and now I look forward to a busy week filled with appointments that will get me out of the house and away from inertia.

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