Thursday, January 21, 2016

Cold rain, physical therapy, and sauerkraut

Cold rainy morning, the kind that makes you want to cuddle in bed. But I was out to make an 8:30 physical therapy appointment. Years ago when I first went to a counselor, I thought I discovered something wonderful and new—someone to talk to about what was troubling me. This was in the midst of a divorce. Now I’ve discovered something else wonderful and new (to me)—physical therapy. I’ve never wanted to go to a gym or spa or even yoga class, but I find I’m comfortable at this facility. If you’re in FW, consider Curnyn’s on Bryan Irvin and ask for Nate Ried. I originally enrolled in a program to help the “elderly” (surely that’s not me) develop balance and stability and prevent falls.

I’m not sure of the chronology here but over the summer I had a couple of crises—swollen foot, falls, etc. After a series of specialists I was sent back to PT where I wanted to be all the time. This week, I’ve had definitive proof of the value. I called them, said I couldn’t come because I’d fallen on my knee and it was too sore to do the exercises I usually do, and they said to come in so they could look at the knee. After two sessions, it is remarkably better—not perfect, but on its way. I am so grateful. When Nate learned I blogged every night, he asked if I wrote about the mean physical therapist. I told him no. But my funniest story is that I have a hard time walking across empty space, even though he walks beside me and assures me he won’t let me fall. Still, I reach out to him for security, and he says, “Don’t touch me!”

Went from there to the grocery and the two about did my back in. Then tonight I made BLTs for Jacob and me, and then half an hour later Jordan came along and I made another. I am one tired puppy.

A longtime friend wrote me tonight that she was making my mom’s kraut and sausage dish. I had completely forgotten about it, but you sauté kraut, onion, brown sugar, caraway seeds in butter, add white wine or beer, and let it simmer. Meanwhile sauté your choice of sausage in butter or grill—I’d probably use bratwurst but she suggested everything from knockwurst to hot dogs. I’ll make it as soon as I find kraut eaters to serve it to.

Going to sleep in just a bit tomorrow. What a delicious thought. Sweet dreams, y’all.


Kait said...

What a wonderful recipe. I remember it from my childhood and used to make it often (we omit the brown sugar though). I'm with you on the bratwurst. Perfect dish for these cold, blustery, days.

judyalter said...

I haven't made this in a long time but I'm fixing it for friends tomorrow night. Bonus: they have homemade sausage in their freezer!