Monday, January 11, 2016

And so another week begins

Have you noticed lately that weekdays seem crammed with activities? I surely have. I wish I could say my weekdays are busy because I’m at my desk working from nine to five. But it ain’t so. Life gets in the way. This morning a dermatology appointment took the entire morning—three hours. When I got home it was time for lunch, a bit of computer catching up, and a brief—really brief—nap before Jacob came home. Then Jacob had a friend over, and my friends Phil and Subie arrived for happy hour, followed by Christian. And before I knew it, it was six-thirty and time for supper. And after supper, I’m tired and not very ambitious.

And the week will go that way with physical therapy appointments, a grocery trip, a breakfast meeting with Book Ladies, and a long lunch with old friends. Not that I would forego any of those activities, but they do eat up my days.

Tomorrow night is our Tuesday night at the Grill, but Subie and Phil and I have agreed to go early—6:30—so we can be home in time to watch the State of the Union address. I am an unabashed fan of President Clinton, although I recognize that he has not fulfilled all his promises to the American people—about Afghanistan, Iraq and Guantanamo. But still he has done amazing things with the economy, unemployment, diplomatic relationships, and an endless list.

I find myself now a most interested follower of the campaigns. I abhor most of the clown car and particularly Donald Trump. Who would have ever thought he would get this far and command such a following. Yet it seems the more popular he gets the more hate-filled and heartless his speeches are. I read somewhere today an editorial on why he won’t be elected, and I pray to God it’s true.

But on the Democratic side (admittedly my side) I find the race fascinating. Like many, I embrace Bernie Sanders’ ideals and dreams but privately decided Hilary was the more electable candidate. Now I read today that Bernie has a real chance of taking both New Hampshire and Iowa, which would change the balance dramatically. And if that happens many like me may decide to vote for Bernie which we really wanted to do all along but just didn’t think he could win. Actually, I still don’t know which way I will vote. But I will say in Texas I’ll vote a straight Democratic ticket—we’ve got to rid our state of arrogant politicians who want to rewrite the Constitution.

Isn’t politics and particularly presidential year elections fun? I don’t know—because I think I take it too seriously to call it fun.

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