Sunday, November 08, 2015

Family weekend

With Megan, my oldest daughter
Where to begin? Two nights without blogging, and I’m rusty and out of practice. But my excuse for my silence is that I was having a wonderful weekend with most but not all of my family. My two oldest—Colin and Megan—arrived from Tomball and Austin within minutes of each other Friday night, without their spouses or children who stayed behind for soccer (rain cancel) and other activities.

Hayes, left, and Jacob
School rivalry starts early
We went to a Chadra Mezza down the street for supper. Took along a friend of Jacob’s so he’d have company. Dinner was slow in coming but delicious when it did arrive, and I just tonight finished the last of my spaghetti. We talked, laughed, and generally had a good time. Home for late night wine and talk and far too late to bed.

Next morning, farm-fresh eggs from sister-in-law Cindy. Everyone else had theirs scrambled but Colin poached one for me, and I had it on sharp cheese, buttered rye toast—nothing better! There’s such a difference in the taste of farm-fresh free-range no-antibiotics chicken eggs!

Purpose of the weekend was to make sure kids know all about my affairs, so Colin, Megan and I spent two hours in the early morning going over everything from insurance to income to I don’t know what. Colin is sending me a list of documentation he needs.

A little before noon the Frisco Alters arrived—Jamie and Mel and two girls—and we split: some of us went to Carshon’s, others to Ernesto’s, Jamie’s favorite taqueria. In the afternoon, TCU game—ugh, don’t mention it again—while I napped. And then supper from Railhead BBQ—as you can tell, we were well fed.

Along the way there were serious discussions, too many (for my taste) about my balance and my tendency to fall. I have a long list of doctor appointments to make tomorrow, and I have promised not to try and show off and walk without a cane. So a cane it is, all the time. I hope to get back to physical therapy and have made arrangements with a neighbor to run errands with me—not for me, since I want to flex my get-out-in-the-world muscles. I am optimistic about regaining both my balance and my self-confidence.

And I am so blessed to have children who care enough to take time out from their busy lives to spend a weekend devoted to my health concerns and securing my future. I cannot tell you how much I love them and how grateful I am for them. Colin called this morning on his way home to ask, “You don’t feel like yours kids are making decisions for you, do you?” and I assured him I did not.

One more blessing: my kids all love one another. Even on a weekend devoted to more serious matters, they had a wonderful time being together. And the grandkids share in that spirit. Jacob was so delighted he spent the night on the couch with Uncle Colin last night. The two Frisco girls—my oldest grandchildren—are delights and beautiful to boot. No sign of that teen-age girl rebellion I lived through with my daughters.

And me today? Walking much better but yes, using my cane! What a wonderful world!

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