Saturday, November 28, 2015

Another new experience

Two boys and a dog
Way back when my children were young, they had sleepovers. I have a couple of friends who usually spend the night if they’re in town, and we jokingly refer to sleepovers. But tonight is a whole new experience—Jacob is hosting his first sleepover at my house—I knew the day would come when he’d want a buddy to spend the night. Jacob spent the afternoon with Max, a friend whose grandparents live down the street.

When the boys were in the first grades of school, Max and his grandfather often stopped on the way home in the afternoon. The boys would play, and Don and I would sit on the porch and solve the problems of the world. We pretty much have similar philosophies, so I came to value those visits, and I miss them today. Don also took the boys on various adventures, and Jacob loved to play at their house because they have a pool and a big dog.

This year Max transferred to a private school, and they never see each other. So today was a highlight—Max’s father took them to The Main Event and fed them pizza (I’m biding my time before offering ice cream). They have promised to be quiet (they are eerily quiet right now) and to go to sleep without a lot of giggling and laughing. We’ll return Max to his grandparents in the morning in time for us to go to church.

Ask me in the morning.

Otherwise it’s been a cold, wet day. I took a nap and dreamt that I had to go pick Jacob up and then go someplace way out on the west side of town and was dreading getting out of my warm bed to do that. No idea where I thought I was going. Had tentative dinner plans tonight but everyone decided it was too yucky to venture out—which was my decision before they even told me that.

We’ve had so much rain that rivers are out of their banks and some lakes are closed to boating. November has been the wettest on record—more due tonight. A good night to hunker down with a book, a fire, and two little boys. More of my blessed life.
Oops. There's a PS to the sleepover story. Jordan called to talk to Jacob, and he told her someone drove in our driveway, parked, slammed the car door, walked down the driveway, looked in the back window, saw the boys and left. Jordan called Jay who never answers his land line; I called his cell, and he came over, said nobody has driven down the driveway in 24 hours. Conclusion: the neighbor came home, and Jacob has a vigorous imagination. Jordan is still nervous, but I have locked up, will set the alarm and am quite sure we're safe. Christian says little boys imagine all kinds of things, and I think he's right. Added a bit of spice to the night though.

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