Wednesday, October 14, 2015

My hectic household

Today was a relatively quiet day at my house. Of course, there were workmen coming and going. I’ve gotten used to them—they are really polite, nice guys—but others tell me how stressful it is to have them in the house. I’m not sure I’m feeling the stress. I know I’m grateful to Lewis Bundock because right now it’s hard for me to carry a plate of lunch while using a cane. He serves me lunch daily (after I fix it) which I think is pretty cool—and really above and beyond for a contractor.

Today, it looks to me like the tile work is almost finished, and they will be ready to grout, so there was much discussion tonight about grout colors. Everyone had a different opinion, and frankly I don’t trust my own judgment. As Christian said, “If you ask twenty people, you get twenty opinions.”

Jordan invited friends for happy hour, and I had a small drink with them and then went to dinner with Betty. We went down the street to Sera, split the cheese board and each had a beet salad—she says next time she’ll ask if the beets are cooked, but I liked it.

When I left, happy hour was still going on; when I came home, happy hour was still going on. In fact, Jordan and Christian just left at 9:15. He stuck his head in my office and said, “It’s always so hectic at your house.” I agreed but said, “It’s nice. I kind of like it.” What’s really nice about it is that I can join in the fun or I can retreat to my office, which I did about an hour ago.

Big new problem: the tetherball Jordan insisted I should order. Once I saw it, I didn’t want it in the small backyard. There’s not enough room, there are wires overhead, bushes for the ball to get caught in, and the plants that Greg has nurtured in the back which would surely get trampled. I didn’t realize you fill the base with water to stabilize it, and then it’s too heavy for anyone to move. The boys played in the driveway tonight, with one standing on the base to stabilize it. One of the moms was good about fixing where the ball was attached and kept coming loose. But I can see a serious discussion ahead about the future of that behemoth.

Happy in my hectic household, which is now calm and peaceful.

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