Sunday, October 11, 2015

Is this really October?

Almost midway into October and it was 95 degrees today. Something is out of kilter in the universe—well a lot of things are, but that is another subject. Still, it was a lovely pleasant day.

Jordan and I went to Central Market today since I still haven’t got my legs under me altogether. But, man, give me a grocery cart and watch me go. We each had fairly short lists, but I had promised Christian a steak dinner because he took such good care of me when Jordan was out of town, I needed a new two-burner cartridge for my stove, and my car was dead. So I bought filets for them and lamp chops for me.

We had a lovely evening—happy hour on the front porch while Christian grilled. The grill that all told me a few weeks ago had to be junked worked so efficiently, after Lewis Bundock cleaned it, that Christian got all the meat a bit more well done than he liked. So much for throwing out my grill.

We each had our meat, baked potato and salad—plus Jacob ate a whole head of broccoli (but only one bite of meat—my non-carnivore grandson). We had dinner on the deck and lingered over wine. I did as much as I could before they got here, but then Jordan took over, made the salad, plated the dinners—it was great.

I have to admit I’m tired tonight, but I walked around the house a lot without a cane and felt good about it. I think I’m on the road to getting my self-confidence back.

Jacob spent the evening catching geckos—they are our bug-eating friends and I hate to see them captured, but he came in at one point all excited about a really big gecko. Got a pint jar, poked holes in the lid (my good scissors, I’m afraid) and proudly showed it to me. After he left, I saw another big gecko (well, they don’t come too big) on the back screen and said, “I’m glad you escaped, big fellow.” I know, I raised boys. I should be used to this. But I think my sensibilities toward tiny creatures are different than they were thirty-five years ago.

All in all, a good day, and I am so grateful to my local children for all they do for me, and to my distant children for their concern. And guess what? I have a lamb chop left for supper tomorrow.

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