Sunday, October 04, 2015

Adventures in the Night and the blessings of friends

Lots of excitement—some good, some bad—at the Alter house this weekend. Jacob spent the night in the guest apartment with our new guest and her dog and enjoyed it thoroughly.  Here he and Lulu are watching TV.

Tonight I had a pot of soup almost ready for supper but neither the energy nor physical ability to finish it. So good friend Subie stepped in, added the needed basil, cream and Parmesan, and we had lasagna soup and French bread for supper, with lemon basil cake sent by a neighbor. A feast in a household where I did nothing today—didn’t even wash my hair or make my bed.

Last night I got down on the floor to give Sophie tummy rubs—our nightly ritual. Only I couldn’t get up. My left leg simply wouldn’t support me. I tried to pull myself up for an hour and a quarter—by which time I had exhausted every muscle in my body. Called Christian and got his voicemail. Finally broke down and, with gratitude, pushed my emergency button. They called to say help was on the way. So I crawled from the bedroom to unlock the front door so they wouldn’t break it down (Christian reminded me there is a key hidden outside and I should have told them where it was). It was a difficult crawl, and I stopped and collapsed on the floor a couple of times.

When that crowd of people arrived—parameds, firemen, three police cars—I was a mass of jelly. Couldn’t stand. When he heard my story, one fireman said, “She’s gonna be so sore tomorrow”—and oh my goodness, was he right! Another one said I should have called them much sooner—but I kept thinking the next time I’d make it up—never did. I have high praise for those first responders—they were courteous, kind, gentle, and reassuring. Took me to the bathroom and then tucked me in for the night. Somewhere along the way Christian and Jacob arrived and spent the night, which I found so sweet and most reassuring. By three or four in the morning I could hobble around the house—didn’t sleep much though.

One thing this proved to me, even if I couldn’t get up, was that I had the strength to try those countless times to pull myself up and then to crawl through the house. Not bad for a woman my age.

Today I moved ever so slowly and cautiously, from wall to furniture to whatever I could hold on to. Took a three-hour nap. And that’s why Subie fixed the dinner. So many thanks to her and to Christian and Subie for doing dishes. Tonight I think my muscles are loosening up, though I’m not ready to talk far, especially without something to hold on to.

Jordan, meanwhile, is in DC on business, hobnobbing with friends of mine who are there for three months, and eating lobster pasta.


Bill Crider said...

That's a tough situation, and I'm glad you were able to deal with it. I'm not sure I could. Hope you're much better soon.

Judy Alter said...

Thanks, Bill. Wish I was doing as well coping with the after-effects--screaming sore muscles. This too shall pass.

Anonymous said...

When you can't get up from the floor, it may be time to quit the bottle.
The reason you were able to crawl on the floor is because in your past life you were an anaconda.

Judy Alter said...

Thanks. The bottle had nothing to do with it--I've been having trouble with the left leg and I guess it just caught up with me. And no, not an anaconda, just a strong, determined woman.