Wednesday, July 01, 2015

The whims of children

Future slugger
I have a nine-year-old grandchild in residence for a couple of days. Tonight, Betty (he calls her Aunt Betty--don't think he realizes there's no blood tie) and I planned to take him to Fuzzy's where he could have a cheese quesadilla with a side of guac and I could have those wonderful ground beef tacos I just rediscovered. So he got in the car from day camp and asked brightly, "Are we going to the Tavern? That's what  you said last week."
Last week I had my taste buds set on the Tavern and he cajoled us into grilled cheese at the Old Neighborhood Grill. I guess maybe I laid down the law, but this week, when my mouth was set for Fuzzy's, he wanted the Tavern. Guess where we went?
The Tavern is not a sports bar but they have four or five TVs, mercifully soundless, going. Jacob, as kids his age will do, turned his back and ignored us. Until Aunt Betty mentioned that Matt Carpenter (Cardinals?) lives two doors from her. My goodness, did that get his attention. He chattered for the rest of the meal about he was going to meet a real baseball player, etc. Betty reminded Jacob that the real baseball player was on the road and probably wouldn't be back until late October, but I don't think he comprehended the time span. This child, who does well enough in school but doesn't always apply himself as much as he could, can reel off baseball statistics, players, name it!
And that shells with cheese that he didn't like last week? He ate every bite and loved it. 
Jacob's mother, my youngest daughter Jordan, often looks at me and asks, "What happened to you?? You never would have let me get away with
that." (Whatever it is at the time.) I sent her a Facebook picture the other day that said, "Some kids are spoiled because no one will spank Granny." I don't know if that's the problem or if I just have one determined, stubborn child on my hands. I swear he's going to be a lawyer--I used to say that about Megan, my older daughter, and she would protest, "Mom, don't program me." Guess what? She's a lawyer today.
But Jacob has an argument for almost everything, and I'm afraid he gets his way too often. But then again, what's the sense of denying a child just to prove you have the power to do that? Reminds me of the advice a minister gave me years ago: "Choose your battles." When it's a really big deal, I usually win the Jacob battle.                               

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