Thursday, May 07, 2015

So much to worry about, or Texas, My Texas

It's a wonder I can get anything done these days, there's so much for me to worry about. I don't know if you share my worries, but here goes:
The Jade Helm 15 takeover of Texas. Plans to herd people into WalMarts with tunnels don't alarm me at all, nor do the rumors that President Obama wants to take over Texas. For heaven's sake, we're such a troublesome state, why would he want it. Besides, he's already stuck with us. We're part of the Union. What worries me is the outlandish reaction in Texas, principally the governor calling out Texas militia to "monitor" the Federal troops. Is that like sending a gnat against an elephant? Besides, my understanding is that Texas troops always cooperate with the Federal in the annual training exercises that have been going on for years. Texas guys act as liaison. So why the paranoia now?
And then there's that regrettable incident in Garland, an ISIS attack on an exhibit of cartoons of Mohammed. I doubt the organized ISIS in the Mideast ordered this attack--I think it was more individuals who wanted to be associated with ISIS. What worries me much more is the group that sponsored the exhibit. What a dumb, classless idea. Why antagonize people? Free speech my foot. Free speech should be accompanied with common sense and some sense of integrity. I still remember and resent the exhibit that had a crucifix in a jar of urine. Why do people feel obligated to go out of their way to offend those who don't share their particularly beliefs?
And then there's the anxiously anticipated SCOTUS decision on gay marriage, and the GOP war on women which yes, I do believe exists. They want submissive women, with no equal pay and no rights over their own bodies. For me, I am at an age and position where none of that affects me, but I have daughters and granddaughters, and I will continue to speak out for them.
I have been told for these opinion that I should go back to Chicago and live with libtards where I'd be comfortable. My reply is that I have lived in Texas 51 years. It's my home, and I love this state. Its history and legends have crept into my soul and provided the basis for much of my professional career. My home, family, and friends are here, and I'm not leaving--though I know people who have let politics drive them out of the state. I'm staying, and I'm going to speak my mind. I find a lot of sympathetic souls in this state--if all Texans voted, the state would turn as blue as the Caribbean ocean.
But when I get down about all this and more, I think about how gorgeous spring in Texas is, especially this year when we've been blessed with rain. Everything right now is green and lush (don't ask me in August). The days get longer, walkers are out in the neighborhood, children are shouting and playing, I can sit on my deck with a book and a glass of wine and contemplate all the trees and greenery around me. And thinks of some of the heroes of this state, from Sam Houston to LBJ to the late and much lamented Speaker Jim Wright. I can think of strong Texas women like Barbara Jordan and Ann Richards and Molly Ivins--they make me proud to be a Texan No, I'm not leaving.

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