Saturday, May 02, 2015

High Times in Cowtown

Hard to tell who had more fun in Cowtown tonight. Jordan cut short her Florida trip to come home and accompany Christian to the Cowtown Ball. I thought it would be in one of the luxury hotels, but from this photo it appears not. My cute Cowtown couple. I'll have to get details tomorrow.
Meantime I was having a lovely relaxed dinner on the deck with neighbors Jay and Susan. They trimmed back the logustrums that border our properties and took one new low limb off the oak tree which is mine and intrudes on their property. And then they apologized for being so slow to do it!
So as a thank you, I fixed a special dinner--salmon in anchovy butter (I completely forgot the capers but sometimes I think anchovies and capers fight for dominance--tonight the anchovies were definitely there but subtle). I splurged on Coho salmon. Appetizer was a spinach/artichoke dip from Reese that I found once in my grocery store. Apparently it  was a one-time special, so I got three jars but have never found it again. Got to look for it.  As a side dish I fixed something I'd wanted to do for a along time--creamed new potatoes and green peas. Wonderful! But I'm afraid I made enough for Coxie's Army. Jay, who scorns leftovers. took some home for his Monday night supper.

Susan took this picture of her plate. Jay took several that picturesquely included the bread, but when he sent them to me, they were all sideways, and I had no idea how to turn them. So that was our dinner.
It was a lovely night to sit on the deck--just the right temperature. Sophie loved being out there with us though she occasionally got a bit demanding--her dinner, which was out in my office, but she doesn't like to eat alone,, and then her evening treat which she thinks follows dinner. But Jay threw her ball, and she ran around the yard and enjoyed the company. So did I.
I am so blessed with neighbors, friends and family--whenever I get a bit blue about my aching back or my lack of confidence in walking, I remind myself how much I have to be grateful for.

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