Monday, July 01, 2013

What a wonderful day!

As I drove to the grocery this morning, with the top down on my VW Bug, I thought I must be someplace other than Fort Worth, Texas. I had been transported to a place that looked just like Fort Worth--all the familiar streets--but it couldn't be North Texas. At 9:30 a.m. on July 1, it was in the seventies, with a lovely breeze. The day continued that way, never reaching ninety.
At happy hour, Elizabeth and I sat on the porch sipping wine and talking about the remarkable weather. The breeze still blew, we were surrounded by green--trees and plants and hanging baskets. We agreed if the weather would stay this way year round, North Texas would be an idyllic place to live.
After supper, when Jacob had left, I snuck back out on the porch, ignoring the work on my desk, to read for a while. Often when I do that, I end up staring into space. Tonight I was thinking about a man who had once been a good friend. He died in the last couple of days, too young. May he rest in peace--he will always have a small corner of my heart.
Right now my prayer list is long--more people than I care to count with life-threatening illnesses, automobile accidents with severe after-effects, two families affected by last-stage Alzheimer's--I pray for comfort for all of them. I pray that they can find some comfort in our lovely weather.
I hope you got out and enjoyed the breeze, the light sunshine (rather than intense sun that beats on you), and the cool temperatures.

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