Saturday, July 06, 2013

Summer evenings

Another lovely summer evening. Above, I was about to take off from Jordan's house for home, top down, Scottish music blaring. I could have ridden with my neighbors, but I had an errand to run and wanted to have my evening drive home with the top down. Wonderful evening with Jay, Susan and Jordan--Jacob hid in the bedroom though he emerged to shoot baskets with Jay, and Christian was working. I knew Jay and Susan were going to be there about four--took a nap and woke up at 4:15, thinking it was awfully bright for morning--a sign of how heavily I slept. Threw on clothes and flew out the door.
I've made good use of a lazy day when I was supposed to be at gay festivities. Got up early and went to Central Market for chicken for tomorrow night's casserole. Then home to wait for Jordan and Jacob--we went looking for a table and chairs for the new deck. Found one I think will be just right at Albertson's--much cheaper than all the ones at patio furniture stores. And I had good luck with the small patio table I bought for the front porch from them. Then to World Market, where we both did some shopping. Jacob pretended to be interested, but he actually found several things he wanted at World Market. He got one magic rock.
Jamie sent me a picture of the wedding ceremony I was missing tonight, and I'm sorry to miss it and all the people I would have loved to see but feel blessed that my weekend has been so happy in spite of disappointed plans.
Tomorrow church and supper at the Burtons'--I'm bringing the casserole. Hence the chicken I just took out of the oven.
Life is sweet, even in Texas in July. We've been blessed with mikd-90s temperatures, cool mornings and evenings. Please, Lord, all summer long.

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