Friday, July 05, 2013

Going with the flow

Here it is--a finished deck. Still needs
furniture and plants but I'm
working on that.
I was so looking forward to a busy full weekend, with a luncheon today, a houseguest tonight, and a wedding reception tomorrow night in Dallas, followed by a night at son Jamie's house. By this morning, as I was preparing ingredients for a great supper salad, my houseguest called: she had gotten sick over the night and wasn't coming. That meant no luncheon (it was out of town, and I don't drive on the highway) and no wedding, plus no stay at Jamie's and a chance to hug one branch of the family.
But I've had a good day and have busy plans for the weekend. This morning I ran some errands--to get a much-delayed birthday present for my brother (finally happened on something I thought he'd like), get printer cartridges (all wrong, have to return tomorrow), and buy stamps to send letters to Canada. Seemed like there was a line at every stop. Came home and caught up on things, took a nap, got Jacob, and headed out for his house. Meant to be home early but they delayed grilling because of the heat, so that it was 8:30 before I got home.
But oh the glory of driving home, top on the car down, breeze blowing in my hair, and Scottish music blaring. May have been the high point of my day. Went the scenic route, through residential areas and parks with lots of trees. Glorious.
So here I am settling down at 9:20. How much work do you think I'll get done tonight? You're right, but I'm determined to go through one chapter of the manuscript I got first edits on--second time through.

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