Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day? Too much chocolate.

I have gotten over-tired of chocolate on the Food Network in the last few days, and I'm the original chocaholic. But enough is enough. However, my neighbor Jay (you know, the good-looking one) brought over three heart-shaped double fudge buttermilk cakes--each a more than generous serving--with butter cream frosting. The man is trying to sabotage my diet! But it was delicious. At Jordan's request, since Christian was just returning home tonight from a business trip, I fixed salmon (Christian doesn't eat it) with green goddess dressing--oh so good! Had that cauliflower/vinaigrette dish and a green salad. Jacob would have none of it, of course.
Made a lunch reservation last week with a popular bistro that has just started serving lunch. Their sign says 11 a.m., Tues. through Fri. So I left a message making a reservation, along with my phone number. It was a good friend's b'day and we wanted to be festive. Got there and the place was locked, not a soul in sight. Too late to try a couple of other celebratory spots, so we went to King Tut--and I ate too much!
It's been a food day. Made another batch of lemon-basil cookies, but cut back on the lemon and added more basil--these did look kind of green before they baked. Also made a Bundt cake, scrubbed the grill, and  fixed that dinner. No yoga but I probably got my exercise in--and my back hurts a bit tonight.
Darn--can't find the Westminster Dog Show tonight--I thought it went on all week. Guess not.

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