Friday, February 03, 2012

Rodeo day

Today was a holiday, at least for me. Jacob had no school and was in a day-care play program all day. That meant I could do "stuff" in the morning--a haircut, a quick run through Central Market, and a stay at a mechanic's while I got a new headlight bulb. VW never makes such things easy, and it took almost an hour, but I'm legal again. This afternoon I could work at my desk cleaning up odds and ends--I keep thinking I'll do that and leap into editing the next book, but somehow more odds and ends appear. Took a late nap and flew out of bed to fix supper for two sons-in-law and three screaming young boys all of whom arrived at once. The excitement of being together got to the boys--two five-year-olds and a seven-year old, all of whom like to launch into long (and boring) stories. If we said it once, we said it a thousand times: "Don't rock in your chair," "Use indoor voices," "Eat your supper," etc. I am so thankful they've gone off to the rodeo and the house is peaceful and quiet. I'm going to start any minute on that manuscript. For the time being I've run out of odds and ends.
In fact, that's all there is to this blog. I"m off to work.

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