Sunday, September 25, 2011

Counting My Blessings

Pictures are Sophie, resting from her strenuous play and in the second giving Jordan some love. Third is a not good picture of me at the signing, but it shows the lovely bouquet.
This morning I sat on a comfortable patio couch watching three dogs play and listening to kids around the corner playing on a jungle gym. It dawned on me I should be in church, but I figured this was as good a way of counting my blessings and giving thanks as any. In fact, I spent the whole weekend counting my blessings.
Friday night both my sons came into town with their daughters, so I spent the weekend with three of my children (spouses all off doing other things) and four of my grandchildren. We missed the missing, and Jacob particularly missed his boy cousins, but he managed nicely being the only boy. We had dinner Friday night at The Star Cafe on West Exchange in Fort Worth, a family favorite owned by dear friends. Ate way too much--why do I order a bacon cheeseburger? Stayed up too late too. Had a great time.
Saturday morning Colin, Morgan, Edie and I were at the Old Neighborhood Grill at 7:10 (ten minutes late) for me to sign copies of Skeleton in a Dead Space. Would you believe there were already people there for the book? Jamie, Maddie, Jordan and Christian and Jacob all drifted in a bit later. Old friends came by, regulars at the Grill stopped--at least two men said they were buying for their wives--and several people came because they read a wonderful piece on the book (and me) in the morning paper. All in all it was a successful signing, both in terms of sales and of hugs gotten and given. Many people who came know my family, but I was proud to introduce them to the ones that have just heard me talk endlessly about them. And of course we all ate huge breakfasts.
I came home and sort of decompressed while the kids went to the Log Cabin Village--which was closed. By 12:30 we were all on the road to Frisco where we had a late lunch--Mexican food--and went to a third-grade football game where granddaughter Edie is a cheerleader. I am frankly appalled at kids that little playing football with all the protective gear but it was fun to watch Edie and the quarters were blessedly short. Home to Jamie's for a catch-as-catch-can supper and early to bed.
This morning Colin and Jamie left at something like 5 a.m. to do a sprint triathlon and the rest of us stumbled around. But I did spend most of the morning on the porch, with a book, watching dogs and kids. Sophie was the middle guy, between a chocolate lab (the sweetest, best behaved dog I have ever known) and a 5 lb. Morkie (maltese/yorkie) which made Sophie look huge and heavy-handed when she swatted her with a paw. My eyes got heavy and I finally turned off the Kindle and napped on the porch, only to have Jordan ask, "What are you doing?" and tell me she and Maddie, my oldest granddaughter, were fixing lunch. Soon after lunch and the return of the racers--neither of whom was happy with his performance--we were on the way home.
Jacob and I pretty much walked around each other the rest of the day--his folks had a reception to go to, and I had work to do. But he played with a new set of toys (garage sale this morning) and watched TV while I worked at my computer and took a nap. Only woke me once to explain that his two toys were on a trip and to love the dogs who also slept peacefully in my room. He really is, most of the time, an easy, sweet child.
So tonight I'm left with all those good memories of hugs and kisses and great grandchildren and caring children, and I am truly counting my blessings. It was a wonderful weekend--sure, the highlight was the book signing, but the cumulative experience was full of joyful contentment. I am indeed blessed.

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