Monday, June 13, 2011

Speaking my mind

I usually try to stay away from politics in this blog, but lately my mind has been so boggled by events that I can't help but speak out. To begin with there are the education budget cuts on the state level. I have heard several reports that there are plenty of jobs available especially in the health care and manufacuring segments, but there are not people trained to perform those jobs. I presume that means in many isntances the kind of training provided in both high school and junior colleges. Yet we're going to cut the educational budget by a whopping $4 billion. I worry of course about my grade-school grandchildren, when arts programs and other "electives" are being cut left and right. Someone told me today of a local school district that has let all their librarians go--how do you teach without a library? Bless Wendy Davis and may her efforts succeed--or at least have some effect on the legislative process.
And then there's the prospect of Rick Perry running for president. I have a hard time wrapping my mind around the idea that anyone would take it seriouisly--but then, I felt that way about George W. Bush's bid for the presidency. And look what happened. I read a list today of ten things that Perry has done that should scare the socks off all of us, like declaring Texas should secede. Another thing I have a hard time taking seriously, but I guess he meant it. And his legislative priorities sure scare me. Thanks much, but I think Medicare and Social Security are making my retirement comfortable if not luxurious.
And then there's poor old Newt Gingrich--does he not see the handwriting on the wall?
I was talking to a fellow liberal the other day about how frightening most of the potential GOP candidates are, and we decided Mitt Romney was the least frightening, but she said she hopes it's someone really far out that no one will take seriously.
As for the Democrats, I don't think people pay attention to the positive things President Obama has accomplished, like the million or so jobs saved with the rescue of the auto industry. It baffles me why people don't understand that the country didn't get into a recession overnight and can't recover from it that quickly either.
There, rant over. But it sure is hard to be a liberal these days and keep the faith.

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