Tuesday, June 07, 2011

A food blog

I've been thinking lately of starting a food blog. For some time, one friend in particular has urged me to do that, and now several ideas have come to mind. I want it to be a community participation blog--guest bloggers, recipes from readers, comments, lots of participation. I'll probably post it twice a week--maybe aim for Wednesdays and Sundays, though don't look for one this Wednesday which, as I write, is tomorrow.
I haven't had many guest bloggers on Judy's Stew--in fact, darn few, because it didn't seem to fit the flow of the blog. But for the food one, I'll welcome guests--and will put out an internet call. My friend Weldon wrote eloquently about why he is gluten-free, and I'll ask him to repeat that column. I have ideas for discussing anchovies--ever notice how many people profess to hate them and then order Caesar salad? Or maybe one on sandwich fillings--I love chicken, tuna, ham, lobster, whatever kind of salad--except shrimp, which I'm sadly allergic to.
Maybe we'll do a blog on guacamole and ask for recipes--I have a class member whose husband makes the best guacamole I've ever tasted, but it takes so many avocados that I put the recipe away every time I look at it.
I've resisted mentioning food the last few days because I had this in my mind, but heck--I might as well say we had bison burgers the other night. So good. Beth (gluten-free, dairy-free wife of Weldon) said she could tell a slight difference, but I couldn't. I made a sauce that, to me, tasted like what you get on a Big Mac (no, I haven't had one in years) and I thought I'd probably be the only one to eat it. It's not on Beth and Weldon's diet, and I knew Jordan wouldn't try but to my surprise Christian ate quite a bit of it. He must be a fan of Big Macs. I made a fruit salad, which Jacob ate until his parents had to say "No more fruit," and a sort of ersatz Texas caviar which mostly consisted of what I had in the cupboard--black-eyed peas, black beans, corn, green beans, and a vinaigrette. Good meal. So that's the kind of things I have in mind. Fixed a really good meal lately? Tell me about it.
To start off this community participation, I'm asking for name suggestions. Daughter-in-law Melanie (my fifth child) named Judy's Stew without batting an eye, and I've asked for her ideas. But I'd welcome any suggestions. Judy's Kitchen isn't right, because I want this to be everybody's kitchen--and yet I want to retain my identity with it. So there's a challenge. Send ideas to me at j.alter@tcu.edu.
Happy cooking!


Christina Wolfer said...

Please don't ruin my love for caesar salads by saying it has anchovies in it. I'm not a big salad eater, except caesar salads.

I'm trying to think of a name, so if I come with anything I'll e-mail you.

Pretty as the Morning said...

I love this idea! Also if you are looking for guest bloggers, I would love to do a post on eating clean/healthy as a new mom and/or as a person on the go. I have done a few posts, nothing in depth on my own blog about what I eat when I can only cook with one arm!

Anyhow, look forward to reading!

Judy Alter said...

Cara, that's a great idea. Gather your ideas, and I'll get back to you with a date. I want to get this thing established a bit before I invite guests, but soon, soon!

Judy Alter said...

Sorry, Christina, but if it's real Caesar it does. Without the anchovy (just a bit) youo'd miss that good salty taste. Watch soon for pasta recipes with anchovy, an egg salad type thing for finger sandwiches, all kinds of things. You'll find you love those salty critters.

Beth and Weldon said...

How about Pot Luck at Judy's? That might encompass the community feel that you're going for. :)

Beth and Weldon said...

How about Pot Luck at Judy's? That seems to convey the community feel you're going for. :)

Sally Jackson said...

The two things that popped into my head were Judy's Wooden Spoon and Judy's Mixing Bowl. I like the Pot Luck suggestion, too.