Thursday, June 02, 2011

The puppy that wasn't meant for me

I've been noticing that Scooby, my now twelve-and-a-half-year-old Aussie (if my math is right), mostly sleeps day and night, especially if he's outside and it's hot. Inside, with me for company, he's more alert, but I think he's bored, and I've decided he needs a buddy. He may not agree, but we'll see. I found some adorable pups on the humane society web page and off I went to see them--with Sue, who had gone with me to "interview" a collie for my friend Gayla (Gayla now adores that dog!). These pups were seven weeks old, a Shih Tzu/terrier mix, and the one featured in the photo looked more much Shih Tzu than terrier. To my amazement--and Sue's expectations--there were several other people waiting to see the pups. We filled out applications and three of us all decided we wanted Marcie, the little one whose picture drew me in. The woman in charge drew names out of a hat--literally--and to my relief, I didn't get the dog. She was so tiny! And she had so much training ahead of her. I couldn't have left her out in the yard or anything. The other three pups were more wiry and terrier-like--they didn't call out to me like Marcie did. So we left puppyless.
My official line is that I'm waiting for the Lord to put the right dog in front of me--and believe me, I'll know when it's the right dog. But I admit I'm helping a little by surfing the web, making some inquiries, etc. Scoob meanwhile is lying on the floor looking at me as if to ask, "What are you up to?"
Meanwhile, there's Wywy the cat. I tried--twice--this evening to give him an infusion and really did better than before, but one time I didn't have the cat low enough below the IV bag. I'm honestly not sure how much liquid I got into him, but I tried. And now the bag is empty. I'll get refills and try again next week.
I've also spent much of this afternoon and evening fighting with Google, trying to build a new web-page. So far, Google has won. Upshot is I have two new sites established, and I'd like to delete both of them but can't figure out how. I'll keep working--or maybe shove the whole thing and try a new host. Google doesn't seem to have any support at the other end of the phone and, for me, that's a real handicap.
My horoscope says something about my intense personal magnetism today--between dogs, cats, and Google, it doesn't seem to be working.

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