Saturday, March 12, 2011

Deja Vu all over again

Was it Babe Ruth that was famous for saying that? All I know is it was some famous baseball player. But that's how I feel about daylight savings time. It really snuck up on me this year. When did they move it from the end of March to the middle? I only happened to glance at a buried article in this morning's paper about it or I would have missed it. Then Christian told me tonight we get an extra hour of sleep--I wasn't sure and checked on it. NO! We lose an hour. I texted him to that effect, so that we wouldn't all be late for church tomorrow.
Personally I like daylight savings and would love to keep it all year, but  I understand the arguments of those in agriculture and other time-affected fields. But now that I get to sleep a little later I like the morning darkness--my bedroom is on the east side of the house, seems to have been in almost every house I've lived in. My dog and cat judge "get up" time by the darkness, so later daylight will make them sleep later. And I like the long evening, especially in summer when it's light until almost nine. I like to sit on my porch, and I like to go to visit Jordan and her family without feeling I have to rush to get home before dark--I don't particularly like to drive home after dark nor walk down my driveay. So I'm happy about it--I just wish they wouldn't spring it on us unexpectedly. Or maybe I've had my head in a bucket!
I did read in that tiny newspaper article that scientists now suspect that the changes in our body rhythms may not be good for us--circadian rhythms or whatever. But they're always disovering new things that are not good for us, so I can't take that one seriously. I've never had much trouble adjusting.
A subdued Jacob arrived tonight. He'd spent much of the day at the zoo and was tired, tired, tired. His mom said he would go to sleep quickly--I wonder what planet she's from. It's 9:30, which I explained to him is really 10:30, and got the proverbial, "Why?" So I got him in jammies and ready for bed and allowed a little more TV. Just now he came into my study to give me a hug and tell me he loves me. Be still my heart! But of course, I still have to go through the turn-off the TV battle.
When he walked in tonight, he asked, "Are we going to church now?" He has decided he really likes going there a lot. So since we'll lose an hour in the morning, I have church clothes all laid out and everything ready to go. His parents will probably meet us there.

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