Saturday, March 19, 2011

An adventure with Jacob

Jacob and I went to Fort Worth's National Historic Stockyards District for supper tonight at the Star Cafe, owned by Betty and Don Boles. Jacob noticed the western look of the buildings and loved the men on horseback who passed us on the streets. We were both amazed at the crowds--spring has brought out not only tourists (we saw some of those) but natives to explore the offerings of the area. He did not want the top down on the car (I don't think he much likes that) but we drove with all the windows down, and it was lovely.
Betty visited with us as she could, between seating guests. When I told Jacob I used to work at the cafe, he looked long and hard at me and then said, "I don't believe that." I forgot to ask Betty to verify it when she came back, but the cafe soon got busy, and we left our table to the next customers.
Jacob wasn't hungry when we got there, but I said I'd order a cheeseburger, and we could split. As we waited he got hungrier and was a bit indignant when I cut the burger in half. I gave him a good portion of the fries, but he grabbed more. Upshot was he ate lots of fries and about three cups of ketchup, didn't touch his half of the burger. They boxed it for us, and, of course, we forgot it. I told him there went lunch tomorrow; he'd have to have pbj. He did however leave with a Star Cafe T-shirt that says on the back, "For the best steak in Dallas, eat at the Star Cafe in Fort Worth." It's true!
As soon as we got home he wanted pbj, which I didn't think was quite right since he refused to eat his burger. He had a banana; then about nine he had the pbj. I think the child is in a growth spurt. He  seems to be hungry all day.
Earlier in the afternoon, he played with three-year-old Abby next door until we decided it was time for everyone to have a nap. Jacob is beyond napping, but he fell sound asleep. Tonight as we drove in the driveway, he said philosophically, "I hope Abby had a good nap."
Fun day, except I worked hard too--laundry, making dips for tomorrow night's b'day party for Jacob's mom, scrubbing off the deeper layer of dirt on the porch--it's almost clean, but  I suspect Jordan will want to sweep it tomorrow. A few stray leaves have blown in since Greg blew it clean the other day. Sweeping is hard on my low back, and I'll let her do it.

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