Saturday, October 09, 2010

A truly self-indulgent day

Sometimes retirees think every day will be like this, but I would wither from inertia if that was so. But I thoroughly enjoyed today, from waking up late with the thought that there's nothing I absolutely had to do today to tonight when Jacob fell asleep of his own accord, TV still on. I hadn't read to him, gotten him to the potty, any of those things. Somehow I struggled his pants off him and put on a night-time diaper. Have you ever tried that upside down on a sleeping child who refused to turn over? Good trick, if I do say so.
This morning I changed and washed the sheets, watered the porch plants, did my yoga, fiddled with email and Facebook--still working on raising my internet profile. Took me all morning. There are days--too many--when I'm hard-put to fit in exercise. How can that be?
Early lunch, early nap. Jamie had said he was leaving Frisco "noonish" for Fort Worth. I knew he wouldn't make it by 1, so about 1:30 I took a nap, woke with a start when something made me realize I didn't pay my quarterly taxes in September! Jamie, on the other hand, never showed up, finally called about 8:15. He was on his way to "the Fort" for his 20th h.s.reunion, which started at 7 p.m. Ah, Jamie.
Jacob arrived about four, and we sat outside for a long time, though I refused to let him off the porch because he had stripped down to his underwear. He played with his toys, I read and generally enjoyed the pleasant day. Jacob voluntarily got dressed, because he wanted to go outside again. We had a picnic on the porch--grilled cheese sandwiches on plastic plates, and I finally lured him inside with the promise of ice cream. Since I don't have the kind of backyard he can play in, I'm paranoid about watching him when we're in the front and will not leave him alone for a minute. A grandma pal of mine and I recently discussed the sense of responsibility you feel when watching grandchildren, so different from when we raised our own kids. Lesson we were working on tonight: when  you spill something you clean it up; you do NOT say to your grandmother, "I want you to do it."
He'd had a full day, including a soccer game, with no nap and the "body rest" he took when he first got here didn't do the trick. So now he's peacefully asleep, and I'm going to bed early too.

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