Sunday, October 31, 2010

The end of the weekend--and Halloween

Converstion of the weekend:
Jacob (4): "I want you to sit right there, Kegan."
Kegan (3): "Why?"
Jacob: "Because you're my best friend."
Kegan: "Oh, okay."
Wish I had that picture.
Second conversation of the weekend:
Edie (7): "Do you like the Aggies?"
Me: "Yes"
Edie: "Why"
Me: "Because friends of mine are Aggies and besides they're a Texas team."
Edie: "I don't like them." When pressed for a reason, she said, "Because." I told her she had to have a better reason, and she said her friend Caroline doesn't like them. I'm sure my words about having your own opinion fell on deaf ears, but I tried.
Picures from the weekend are already showing up on my desktop rotating photo screen--what a neat way to relive the fun.
My house was empty--and lonely--by ten this morning. Except for a couple of loads of wash and the dishwasher to run, it was all in order and as clean as it's going to get today. The real signs of the weekend's doings are two wonderful bouquets--one on the dining table and one on the coffee table in the living room. The living room one is from the children, with reds and pinks in vivid combination. The vase arrived in a white box with bright pink tissue fanning out all around it--to Jordan's dismay, I left it in the box, because it looks pretty. The second bouquet has more delicate pinks and lilacs with lovely strong bold yellow lillies of some kind. It's from my friend Betty Boles. Adding to my flower display--and somehow ending at the top of my row of pictures here--are my flowers of the month. Jean Walbridge and I exchange this gift every Christmas, and we just picked up our October flowers last week. I am reminded of the legendary Electra Waggoner Wharton who ordered fresh flowers throughout her cattle baron mansion every day, a luxury I surely cannot afford. But I am much enjoying these.
I'm spending the rest of the day reading emails and reading a book on social media for writers. Oh, I'll probably sneak a bit of novel reading in there too. All study and no fun will make Judy dull--or bored. Made up for all those heavy meals this weekend with tuna, hearts of palm, and hummus for lunch.
I have never been one to get enthusiastic about Halloween. Oh, I did it full tilt when the kids were little, but now, living alone, I just can't get excited about giving out candy to boys who are bigger than I am. For several years, Texas Book Festival was the same weekend, so I missed it. But tonight, I went next door to Jay and Susan's, and among other things had a great bowl of stew. I had three bags of candy to contribute, which turned out to be a paltry contribution. Jay says they spent $80 on candy. We live in one of those neighborhoods where carloads of kids are brought in from less fortunate neighborhoods. Almost uniformly, the kids are as polite as can be, and if they forget their parents are quick to remind them to say thank you. Jay estimates he had at least 300 tricksters before he ran out and turned out the lights. Some costumes were cute, some obviously home-made with loving care, and many store-bought--we saw several repeats of the same costumes. Really tiny kids were held by parents and helped up the steps, but still some stumbled and we held our breath collectively. It was, however, a pleasant way to spend the evening instead of hiding in the dark all evening as I've sometimes done.
I'm amazed at me, the non-sports fan, but I really feel the suspense about the Rangers games, though I don't watch. And I'm interested in how TCU, UT, and the Aggies do. I guess it's Texas patriotism coming  to the fore. Such an unusual year--UT and the Aggies doing poorly, though the latter have redeemed themselves the last couple of games, TCU and (I think) SMU in the top ten, Barylor beating UT, and the Rangers in the World Series. As one person  said on Facebook, "Hell has now officially froizen over." Still, it's fun, and I'm anxious to hear how the Rangers do tonight.

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