Saturday, October 30, 2010

A family day--and the day after my big evening

It's kind of hard to see through the acrylic plaque but that's my award from the Texas Literary Hall of Fame, and the picture below is the program. Jordan promises to send more "people pictures" Monday, and so I'll post them then. Meantime for a grandmother who had all seven of her grandchildren and all four kids and their spouses in town, I spent a really leisurely day.
When I went to bed last night, the kids had pulled out the trundle and raised it to make a sort of double bed. All four grandchildren then present were going to sleep there--Jordan, Kegan, Morgan, and Maddie, who was sort of the chaperone and discipline dispenser. I cannot say enough about how good and patient Maddie is with the little ones. But when I got up this morning, about seven-thirty, Maddie was alone in the bed; Kegan and Morgan had gone out to the apaartment with their folks, and Jacob was sound asleep in bed with Jamie--talk about musical beds. Jacob is so hard to wake up--I loved, and I rubbed, and I talked, but it honestly took him almost an hour and then suddenly he was full of his lively self. He's so much better when he wakes up on his own!
Got all the kids and Colin out the door for Jacob's nine o'clock soccer game. Jamie, who has been sick, slept until eleven, as did Lisa out in the apartment. About 10:30, I discovered most of the rest of the gang was at Ol' South, so I rushed down there.  Back home, they scattered again--picked up what they needed for the day, Colin and his bunch headed to the deli, Megan and Jordan and their famlies went to Jordan's house. Jamie and I were left alone, and we both quietly worked at our computers. Kind of a nice break. He left about two, though I later found out he went out to Jordan's and took a nap. I stayed home and napped, and Megan came to get me close to five--with Jacob sound asleep in the back of the car. We picked up barbecue and beer (and batteries for my camera) and went to Jordan's, where the kids ran and played. I am so blessed that all of them absolutely love being with their cousins. They laugh, scream, and build wonderful childhood memories that they will carry through life. Christian's sister and her husband joined us with their two little daughters, both of whom have grown so much. The little one is now about 15 months, and Maddie loved pushing her in a trike and just holding her.

Uncle Colin has constructed a pinata in the shape of a UT Longhorn but the trouble was he constructed it too well--in spite of many swats, it refused to release its cargo of small toys. Finally, he made cuts in it and the kids scrambled for the toys. We ate barbecue from Railhead with all the trimmings, and then the evening detriorated into the adult watching the UT/Baylor game while keeping an eye on the Rangers score. Mel and Edie had baked cookies for the children to decorate, so Maddie directed tht operation. If you look closely, you can see all seven gtrandkids in this picture.
Colin said, 'You mean it's only 7:30 and I'm this tired?" We were all home early, and I am now the only one up, enjoying some peace and quiet once again, but it's been a lovely day--lazy and yet full of family.

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