Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Twelfh Night

Tonight being Twelfth Night, Jordan, Christian, Jacob and I held our usual pine-burning ceremony. I'm sure Jacob didn't know to make a wish, but he loved throwing the pine into the fire and wanted all of them Wrong! It goes from youngest to oldest, so naturally he was first. Then Jordan, Jacob, Jay from next door, and me--naturally mine sort of simmered but didn't burn until Christian kicked it into the flames. Jacob was full of himself--talking, running, throwing himself at people and occsionally throwing things--which is a definite no-no. But we had a good time--I had, over two days, fixed the best meatball recipe I know. It involves mixing all the ingredients by hand, then putting them in the blender, then shaping bigger meatballs then usual and baking them. Yesterday I quit at that point, but tonight I floured and browned them, made a sauce of wine and a bit of tomato paste and let it boil down a bit, then added beef broth and the meatballs. They were really good, and I'm glad to report I have leftovers.
It was a busy day--went to work and struggled like mad to get as much done as possible before 9:45 when I had to leave for a doctor's appt. Came back in time to go to a library lunch. Then did a little more work and came home. I've been working on pieces for my submission of my mystery to a publisher, and I'm going back to that right now.
Happy Twelfth Night to everyone--you can take your decorations down now, if you haven't already done so.

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