Friday, January 23, 2009

A day of mishaps with a happy ending

Every morning in my life I get up, brush my teeth, and wash my hair. Even if I'm not going anywhere and don't put on makeup, I wash and blow dry my hair. This morning, I didn't, because I had an 8:30 haircut appt. and it was just going to get washed again. So I crept out to the salon, looking scruffy. Rosa didn't show up. I finally got out my cell phone and found she'd been leaving me messages all week--she had to cancel. So I went to work looking scruffy. When I went to wash my hands in the bathroom, I was startled by the person who looked back at me. Pretty much, as the morning wore on, I forgot about it, but it wasn't good for my ego.
Jordan and I met for lunch at Hofbrau, a favorite of hers (she used to work there). She had saved up her splurge all week so she could have a cheeseburger and steak fries. I had a baked potato (the sour cream and bacon were not good additions but I enjoyed them) and salad. Jordan commented, and I agreed, it was nice to have a meal together, just the two of us, and not have to watch Jacob. But I apparently left my wallet on the table. I remember returning the credit card and charge slip to it, but after that it was a blank.
I didn't discover this until I went to a church dinner (by this time I had washed my hair) and had no wallet, no money to pay for the dinner. Called Hofbrau and the manager had it in his office. So after the Mexican fiesta at church--complete with a fascinating demonstration of Mayan dance, with dancers wearing the most elaborate costumes--Jean, Jim and I went to Hofbrau and retrieved my wallet, complete with charge cards, drivers license, and cash. I am so grateful. I told Jordan tonight if she's going to be a caretaker of the elderly (that's me), she needs to do better.
So now I'm home, settled down, and think I'll finish my mystery before I go back to page proofs of the cookbook. A long weekend that loomed once again doesn't seem so long. Every week we wait to see if Christian will work on the weekend, but he doesn't get a shift at Joe T.'s. Winter is a bad time to be a part-time waiter there since they rely in pleasant weather on a huge patio crowd. He's not working again this weekend, but Jordan had scheduled a play date for Jacob. So Christian's coming for supper with me. Sunday I'm gong there for brunch, and Jay mentioned something about feedling me this weekend. Too bad it's all about food, but that's how my social life is.

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