Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Make my day!

I got an e-mail today from the assistant curator at the Southwestern Writers Collection at Texas State University-San Marcos. He sent a link to my very own archive page. To think that someone would want all that flotsam and jetsam of my thirty-plus years of writing is amazing. I've been clearing out files by sending them to the archive, but I was unprepared for this. They've got correspondence, manuscripts, all kinds of things. It inspire me to send more (I have three huge files at work titled "Personal"), and it also makes me feel like a real writer. Yes, I'm excited. Here's the link, if you want to check it out:
I needed something to make my day today. It's the second day we were iced in, although temperatures got up to 40 today and most things melted--except of course, my front steps, the front porch just before the side steps to the driveway, and the last few feet of the driveway before the garage. It's because I have a northern exposure. I have to go down those steps and over that driveway tomorrow morning--think I'll take some kitty litter with me, or rock salt. It will surely melt tomorrow, when the temp is supposed to go into the fifties.
I had enough to keep me busy, but little things--both household chores and desk chores, things I should do but had put off. I cleared up a few tax figures, read a lot on the computer--my newspaper didn't come until two in the afternoon, and I finally ventured out to clean the dog yard this afternoon. I offered to let Scooby stay inside--especially when it was 20 this morning--but he wanted to be outdoors. The sun was shining brightly, and I checked on him from time to time--he was fine and enjoying himself. Tonight, it's to go below freezing again, and he is in my office with me, while the cat is curled up on my bed.
I'm reading a cozy and trying to analyze why it works for me, getting some good ideas for my work in progress. I can't figure out why I keep avoiding it, but I do. When I once went back to it earlier this month, I had fun. I'm determined to finish the mystery I'm reading (which I think I've read before) and not start another one, so I can go back to writing.

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