Saturday, July 19, 2008

Lazy days on the front porch

Last night everyone was here--eventually. Mel, Maddie, and Edie got stuck in traffice and didn't get here until nine o'clock, long after supper. But the rest of us sat on the front porch, eating watermelon and listening to Neil Diamond played way too loudly. Rednecks.
I am continually impressed by how much all the adults in the family love and look out for their nieces and nephews, with the same degree of affection and attention they show their own children. And the little ones respond by feeling perfectly comfortable and happy, no matter who is holding them, teasing them, chasing them. The party, led by Jacob, migrated from the front porch to the red concrete lions that he likes to ride. It looked like a small army of toddlers, all about the same size, though they actually range in age from four to one. And if the children are having fun being together, so are the dogs. Jamie and Mel brought Mozby, their cocolate lab, and Scooby could not wait to get to Mozby this morning, jumped over a footstool to go stand by the playroom door where Mozby waited on the other side.
Of course today it's a complicated question of scheduling--when one is napping the others are playing, then when two of the others are used to napping, the morning napper will be up and about and ready for the day. It looks like we won't make it to the pool until late afternoon, which suits me. Then we'll all eat barbecue at Jordan and Christian's.
I am thoroughly enjoying them and doing better than ever at not sweating the small stuff. Last night I put dinner on the table, told everyone it was there, and decided if it got cold before they ate, it was their own fault. And a few dishes in the sink? I'll get to them when I can. No need to do them right now. Write? Read? What's that. Haven't done it in two days. Barely remembered to water the plants and dogs.

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