Monday, June 09, 2008

Shaky hands,a racing heart, and a reclaimed pair of pants

I came home about 1 p.m. today and as I drove in the driveway I could see the yard man had been here, blown the leaves, mowed the lawn. But getting out of the car, I happened to glance across the street and down the side street next to the school. There was my dog! Dumb, but I called him, and he looked up as though amazed to see me. Thank goodness he didn't strike out like lightning in my direction--he sort of ambled like he wasn't sure what to do. Our street is busy, and I was terrified he'd be hit crossing it. I was able to tell him stay when a car came and then "Come" when I thought there were none. A car did stop for him, and then he was safely across the street, ambling up on the porch with an attitude that said, "Gosh, I'm glad to be home." He was so hot and thirsty, he drank a whole bowl of water. I loved on him and told him how good he was and finally put him outside with a treat. But my heart raced and my hands shook for a long time. It was sort of like seeing one of my kids in the middle of the street. Fortunately, Scooby knows he's got a good thing going, and isn't anxious to get away--just curious about the outside world. Here he is this evening, at my feet in my office, saying, "Mom, I"m really glad I'm home." And, yes, I called the yard guy.

I was having a shaky day anyway, with the nagging feeling that there were things I should have done and didn't. Well, I found out--I hadn't taken my medications (blood pressure, thyroid, all that kind of stuff) since Friday! Took them this morning and began to feel better about mid-morning. Don't tell me you can't tell when you've not taken your blood pressure pills!

I just got my favorite khaki pants back, and I'm thrilled. They're nothing special--cheap, from Old Navy. But I just love the way they fit and feel. And about a year ago I lost them. The last time I could remember them, I was at Jamie's house, but he and Mel swore they'd looked and the pants weren't there. Melinda kept asking where I'd taken my pants off! Then last week Jamie called to say they'd found them. (I sitll want to know where!) I'll wear them to a girls dinner tonight, even if they are a tad casual for the restaurant we're going to. Jamie also sent a yoga mat (they have a plethora at their house), bright blue. Now I can practice in style! Jamie said increduously, "I think you're more excited about the pants than the yoga mat!" Darn right!

9:00 p.m.

The day has ended much better. We had a lovely, lazy, relaxed dinner (okay I didn't like my choice, but they were out of veal and I chose blindly the second time around). I was with two friends, one an editor, and the other a librarian whose own books I've published. So the talk was all about books, changing technology, the future or print, all that heavy stuff--and we moaned over it, groaned about the future, but loved every minute of the talk. And we agreed: print is not going away, even as technology increases.

So now I'm going back to reading my good old-fashioned book. 'Night.

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