Friday, June 06, 2008

Busy Days

Busy, busy, busy is what I've been. Problems have piled on my desk at the office--a legal problem so real that we had to call in the lawyers caused me to spend time researching our book, others like it, etc.; there was a big blooper on one book--not the end of the world though others in my office seemed about to commit hari kari; manuscripts were piling up, though I managed to wade through the pile, rejecting several, sending one to a reader, and with great joy forwarding proposal packets on one to our board.
So after this busy-ness, I am staring at a long weekend. I had hoped to be in Austin, in fact in about 20 minutes I had hoped to be at a book signing where I would see lots of old friends. And then I'd spend the rest of the weekend with Megan and her family. But the idea began to fall apart mid-week, and I could tell it wouldn't work. by then, Jordan had all kinds of plans for Jacob, so I won't get a glimpse of him this weekend--and as I told her, I'm not going to visit her and Christian. Good gracious! I have a yoga lesson, book pages to proof, several mysteries to read, and of course I can always work on my own mystery. The agent who asked for three chapters wrote today to say that it's obvious I'm a talented writer and the manuscript is polished but it isn't for him--do you suppose he says that to all the girls?
I talked with my brother about health issues last night and got a loud and clear message: do not be marched into something you're not sure about. So I've cancelled the gum cleaning until after my consultation with the dentist when I can ask how it's done, etc., as well as press him on why my entire mouth has to be replaced. And I'll go to the doctor about my persistently sore shoulder--but even if it hurts, it doesn't hurt badly enough to have surgery. I learned this lesson when someone prescribed an angiogram to see if I had an aortic aneurysm when a sonogram, much easier, cheaper, and less invasive, would do. But it's a lesson we all have to learn--informed patients have to look out for themselves.
I'll cook dinner for Jeannie and Jim again Sunday--I think I have to change what I'm cooking. Jeannie said we'd ignore Jim's usual diet--he's very careful about fats and salt and eats a lot of veggies, beans, and fish. But now the plan is to fatten him up because he's lost weight, so I've been cooking with cheese, sour cream, etc. I don't know if Jim is gaining weight or not, but I am. This weekend it's meatloaf, a cheesy rice dish, and a spinach casserole (because I want to eat it) that also has cheese in it. I can feel love handles when I exercise, so I know I've got to watch it. And I will next week. No more chocolate! No late night snacks! And less cheese, sour cream, etc. Of course, the pimiento cheese doesn't help. Nor does my fondness for lox and cream cheese.
Have a good weekend, everyone!

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