Sunday, April 13, 2008

Thoughts for the Day . . . plus some food thoughts

Occasionally I run across musings, quotes, Biblical verses, prayers from the Common Book, things that set me to thinking. These came today in an email from one of the Sunday school classes at my church, and I thought it was worth sharing.

Six ecojustice principles
1. The Principle of Intrinsic Worth
The universe, Earth, and all its components have intrinsic worth/value.
2. The Principle of Interconnectedness
Earth is a community of interconnected living things that are mutually dependent on each other for life and survivial.
3. The Principle of Voice
Earth is a subject capable of raising its voice in celebration and against injustice.
4. The Principle of Purpose
The universe, Earth, and all its components are part of a dynamic cosmic design within which each piece has a place in the overall goal of that design.
5. The Principle of Mutual Custodianship
Earth is a balanced and diverse domain where responsible custodians can function as partners, rather than as rulers, to sustain a blanced and diverse Earth community.
6. The Principle of Resistance
Earth and its components not only suffer from inustices at the hands of humans but also actively resist them in the struggle for justice.
Seems to me there's food for thought, much thought, in those six principles.

And other thoughts--I was watching the food channel tonight, as I often do, and in one of those contests for aspiring chefs the plated dishes shown were fanciful--but I wasn't sure what the food was And it struck me that I don't want to cook fanciful. I want to cook enjoyable food, the things people like to eat. Sure, I want it to look pretty, but taste is most important. Tonight I fixed lamb burgers for Jordan and Christian--Jacob liked the lamb! But the recipe called for topping them in the bun with a salad made of spinach leaves, red onion, feta cheese nd olive oil. I'm sure the salad was for the presentation, but in truth it was hard to balance that salad on top of the burger and keep it there long enough to slap the top of the bun in place. And I'd probably have put feta on lamb anyway, but . . . . The lamb, seasoned with mint, paprika and cinnamon, was delicious but I can't see that the salad added much.
My babysitting night with Jacob went well. His mom had filled me with instructions about his bedtime routine and how to ignore his crying when put down, what to do if he woke in the night, what to do in what order in the morning, etc. Does she think I didn't raise four children? Upshot though was that I put him in his port-a-crib, kissed him, said good night and I love you, and left the room--and never heard a peep out of him Nor did he wake in the night. By 6 a.m. I thought I would have welcomed a slight bit of crying just to know he was okay. At 6:45, having let the dog out and fed the cat and had a bit of an extra nap, I peeked at him. And he was sitting up quietly, looking at me. No crying, no fuss, just sitting there. Of course, the morning went downhill from there as his energy kicked in and he managed to fall off a chair, spewing the pureed prunes he was eating everywhere and earning himself a red "booboo" on his face. By tonight he has several "booboos" on his face. Jacob goes at life full force and top speed--and frequently it comes back to bite him. Jordan and Christian have some interesting times ahead.
I'm off to bed early, sleepy, but got to finish that mystery.

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